If you're a tall woman, head out to retailers who specialize in flattering your height like Banana Republic or Ann Taylor. When you get there, don't become overwhelmed and make mistakes that will shorten your legs or add weight to your tall body by choosing the wrong prints, colors and fabrics. Here are a few tips on what to buy.

Slim vs. Wide Leg

Be honest with yourself when shopping for pants. Knowledge of your own body will play well into what type of leg you need to look for in your pants. Since you already have the luxury of height, you can pull off any leg cut already. But, to make long legs look even longer, you should consider a skinny jean that stays close to the skin. If your legs are a bit heavier, go for a very relaxed wide leg trouser. As long as the waist is a good fit, the flowing fabric will look rich without giving away it's secret.

Short Skirts

The advantage of long legs is the ability to wear a short skirt. Sometimes, however, a short skirt is inappropriate for the occasion. Another length that is flattering on tall women are tea length skirts. These skirts fall below the knee but above the ankle. This flirty length works great on long legs as there is still a lot of skin exposed creating a playful and flirty look.

Prints and Stripes

A well placed pin stripe can be a tall woman's best friend. Unlike a shorter woman, horizontal stripes will not cut your body is half. To make the torso appear more lean and even longer, use thin long stripes or those moving in a diagonal line pointing towards your waist. Stripes are just as flattering on your pants leg as they are on a blouse. When it comes to prints, keep in mind that you have the body length real estate availablele to be able to play with bold and large patterns. If you do this, balance the pattern with a simple stripe or solid color on the other half of your body.

Long Pants

One of the most difficult things for a tall woman to find is properly fitting pants. Often pants that are long enough to accommodate your legs will be too large in the waist. The best thing you can do for yourself is to buy pants that are a bit too long, granted they fit you in the waist. Next, you'll want to take these paints to a tailor, or someone who specializes in alterations. A basic pants fitting is relatively inexpensive and can make your pants last much longer and look much better.