Happy marriage advice

Nobody is perfect.  Similarly, no marriage is perfect either. But that should not stop any of us from trying o do the best we can – for ourselves and for each other. Marriage is quite like life. You do not get it all, but you have to get up and make it worth the effort. There have been bad times, but there have been good too. If you did not have any good moment in your married life, then you would not probably be looking through the internet for advice on a happy marriage. It is the realization that your married life is worth a second try, that there have been reasons for you to be happy in this relationship that makes a person try and save their marriage.

It does not have to be always at the brink of a breakdown that you try to find ways to save your marriage. You can build the structure from the very beginning. Troubles will be there, as they are in absolutely all marriages. But to look ahead of the troubles while handling them with patience and understanding together with your spouse is the trick of a happy marriage. My mother and father never fought in front of me, but that does not mean they never really fought. Even my parents’ has not been the perfect marriage, for they have fought over silly and serious issues. But what makes a marriage strong is the respect for each other and a mutual desire to keep it going.

There are few basics that we forget in daily life. The vows of marriage are not that sentimental after all. To promise to be with somebody in sickness and in health, for good and for bad actually means to hold on and keep it going through good times and bad. Those who made the marriage vows knew that it is not easy to remain married, especially to a completely different person than you. No matter how alike your spouse is with you, they will be different for they are not you. It is as simple.

Being married or being in love does not mean you have to give up being who you are in order to suit the person with you. They are different, and you need to accept them for their uniqueness. Similarly, you have to accept the fact that you are unique and they are lucky to have you too. It is a two-way thing. Here are some practical methods you could follow in order to maintain peace and happiness in your marriage.

Happy marriage advice method #1 –

The best way to solve a miscommunication is to communicate. The verb “talk” in not at all overrated in relationships. While in the early years of life, one can temporarily get away with passion and love, with marriage the responsibility increases. When you have to live with a person every day, there will be troubles which need to be reconciled. Whether a man or a woman, you have to understand that your spouse cannot understand what is going on in your mind. They are not mind readers. So it is you who has to open up and communicate to them in clear terms what your problems are. However, talking about problems does not have to be shouting at the top of your lungs. Whether you are working or staying at home, you have some regular duties to fulfill. And so does your spouse, whether at home or work. So, after a regular day of responsibilities and duties, it becomes tough for both to maintain peace of mind if there are troubles brewing in the domestic front. However, the trick is simply to respect each other and talk in a normal voice and with calm. Talking is not just to convey the troubles; it is also to find solutions. Men often fail to understand that women tell them about their troubles not just to get solutions. Most of the times, women do not need solutions at all. It is just to relieve them of the vocabulary burden that they talk to their spouse. Similarly, women need to understand that when their husbands tell them of any problem, they do not need help most of the times. They are more comfortable in finding the solution themselves. All they need is somebody to confide in. and that is very important for two people who are living together every day.

Happy marriage advice method #2 –

Commitment is a big issue for most married couples. The concept of “open marriage” where both the partners are free to cheat on each other by mutual consent is not accepted by most people. This is not conservative. Marriage is a relation where the base is in commitment. The commitment is not just for sexual partnership, but also in emotional bonding. Infidelity – both physical and emotional – is considered unacceptable in most marriages. It is tough to remain attracted to the same person even after years of marriage. So, you need to spark up your life. Go for weekend trips – just the two of you. Try to go out for dinner at a cozy restaurant. Women can keep themselves maintained and well dresses to keep their husbands interested. Similarly, men should never think that once they are married and settled they are allowed to gain weight just because they are too lazy and take their wives for granted.

Happy marriage advice method #3 –

Not taking each other for granted is the third and most important thing in marriage. Whether yours has been a love marriage or an arranged one, you have taken your spouse for life. You have made vows, and you love them and respect them. And perhaps you also have a beautiful family with them. Having a family and growing matured must not mean you can take them for granted, thinking that they will always be there. They might not be. Try to count your blessings – in the form of your spouse and all the joys that the two of you share.

These few methods, if practiced sincerely, will help in keeping your marriage secure and happy. Happy ever after.