We are certainly living in an unstable economic era where nobody can claim “job security”. So, it is perfectly normal if you are a bit afraid of losing your job as an electrician. You most likely achieved to land that position with a lot of “sweat” so it is only logical to wish to retain and watch over.
It makes sense that this profession might seem boring and dull from times to times. However, it is crucial that you resist those emotions in order to manage to protect your precious job. In the same manner, if you are pretty near at losing your job and want to have a second opinion on how to avoid such a condition, then make sure to read below, we have some advice on this issue.

1. Behave as a professional at all times

It is anticipated that you will eventually come across some not so decent and ethical people while working as an electrician. Those could range from a stubborn customer or a treasonable colleague. However, it is crucial that in all cases you try to do what you are supposed to do, acting professionally all the way. It is usually the little details that count, for example arriving at the workplace on time or assisting any junior co-workers. Your boss, colleagues and clients will acknowledge that you are genuine and sincere and you will receive extra credit for that.

Electrician Mate
Credit: Wikimedia

2. Be persistent and congruent

As with every job, being an electrician will have its ups and downs. This is to be expected and embraced. In case a difficulty surfaces, you should plow along and be persistent. It is your duty to gracefully give your technical knowledge in the electrical field. Remember, we are talking about a great job you adore and have opted for. So, be congruent to that and great rewards will come to you.

3. Obtain some extra training

It is possible that your boss starts to think that you are not so competent and handy as you used to be, and in that case it would be wise to get some additional training in your field. There is a plethora of courses that you may join with the purpose of becoming a more accomplished electrician. While the training lasts, make certain that you obtain every possible ounce of knowledge that you might come across. As a side benefit, you will have the chance to meet professionals that might give away secrets of the trade.

4. Improve your soft skills

You might not be aware of it, but soft skills are very significant for an electrician. Keep in mind that only a good technical expertise is not enough in order to achieve accomplishments. For this reason, try to improve your electrician communication skills and try to be pleasurable at all social interactions


This is only some advice on how to retain your job as an electrician. Take those into account and you will be able to boost your electrician career!