Advocate is a spot on product that combines flea control with heartworm medicine. Used on a monthly basis it provides complete eradication fleas and stops your cat or dog contracting heartworm disease. In the United States Advocate is known as Advantage Multi. Both are identical, just marketed under different names in different markets.

Using a regular method of flea control is part of pet ownership. Without it our dogs and cats can suffer stress, irritation and more serious problems such as dermatitis, tapeworms and even anaemia. Fleas are a real pain to get rid of if left to breed out of control. But a monthly spot on product such as Advocate Flea Control targets both adult and juvenile fleas, quickly sorting out this problem.

Heartworm disease, sadly is on the increase. It is spread by mosquitoes which as we all know are virtually impossible to stop with 100% effectiveness. So rather than preventingheartworms, products such as Advocate destroy larval stage heartworms. At this juvenile stage they do not cause our pets any concern, so as long as they are treated regularly heartworm disease is never a possibility.

Advocate Flea Control
and Heartworm Medicine is really just Advantage Flea Control with an added ingredient to eradicate heartworms. Combining the two regular pet medicines makes life easier for pet owners, and can make pet medication more affordable.

Non Prescription Advocate
is available, but you do need to buy from overseas. The FDA would rather any pet products that are prescription only in the US were sold similarly everywhere, so there is no telling how long the availability of Advocate without Prescription will last.

Knowing that Advantage Multi and Advocate Medicine are one and the same product allows pet owners a little more scope to make savings by buying their pet medicines online and possibly from overseas. That being said it pays to be level headed when looking for a bargain with such an important purchase. Buying from overseas may save you money but be sure you are happy that the region you are buying from has the same high standards of regulations regarding quality and safety as your own. Plus of course, use a site you feel confident with. Clear terms and conditions, delivery and returns policies and product information should all indicate you are dealing with a trustworthy site.

Advocate Flea Control and Heartworm Medicine is a simple way to deal with all your dogs and cats regular medication. One product, applied once a month really couldn't be more simple.