What is the best adwords traffic estimator software?

The most successful Internet marketers know that the key to creating income generating traffic is to target keywords that have a relatively high amount of traffic, and a low amount of competition.

Whether you are a small business owner looking to build your business online or you are a seasoned affiliate marketer you are never finished learning about search engine optimization through estimating adwords traffic. It doesn't matter if your article, or website copy is the most valuable piece of content your customers could ever read, if you are not visible to them, they will not benefit from the information, and you will not benefit from their traffic.

There are free methods of estimating google adwords traffic such as the Google Keyword Tool. However the results are limited and inconvenient when compared with the alternatives available. The Google Keyword Tool can be a valuable resource when used as a brainstorming tool for more robust software such as the Micro Niche Finder, or Market Samurai.

The free methods of obtaining keyword traffic estimates can be elaborate and time consuming. All of the pieces of information you need to gauge the value of a keyword are available free for the most part, but if you are serious about keyword research the amount of time you will save by using a piece of traffic estimating software will pay the price of the software within days if used to it's full potential.

Market Samurai: The Best Google Traffic Estimator:

Software like Market Samurai offers automated research of all of the important factors of a good keyword and aggregates all of the results in an easy to use format format. Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a keyword are:

1. Total Traffic- The total number of people that search for a keyword each month.
2. SEOT- The estimated traffic that a website in the number spot of google search result could expect for a given keyword.
3. SEOC- How many websites are competing for your desired keyword
4. Adwords Value- The amount you could expect to be paid per click if you ranked well for your given keyword.

Searching for each of these parameters separately for a given keyword could take a significant amount of time. The beauty of software like Market Samurai is that not only does it generate all the the values for these parameters simultaneously for a single keyword, but can generate do it for hundreds of keywords at once.

The features of Market Samurai reach far beyond just keyword traffic estimates. It can produce in depth analysis of competition, search available domains, suggest hundreds of related keywords, find content for your keyword, and even track the rank of your website.

If you are serious about succeeding online, you would be foolish to continue spending time researching keyword viability the old fashioned way when there are inexpensive alternatives that could cut your time significantly.