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Aereo continues to evolve and the expansion of its service becoming available in more states and cities is proof that affordable television will override expensive cable TV services. Consumers are finally showing over price greedy cable services that they have had enough of being overcharged just to watch television.  Consumers have taken action to make the switch and the consumers who have made the switch are not switching back to cable.

As Aereo continues to evolve to become a better affordable alternative to watch live local television networks, Aereo has set up two service plans.  The cheapest plan starts at $8.00 a month and gives you access to one antenna with 20-hours of remote DVR.  The second price plan is $12.00 a month with access to two antennas with 40-hours of remote DVR.

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There are no devices to hook up to watch Aereo TV on a desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet because of its remote technology but if you want to watch Aereo on a televison set you will need to buy a device to stream Aereo television to a TV set.  I bought a Wi-Fi Roku TV device.  It was easy to set up and I get the best of both worlds.  I have thousands of choices to choose from in the Roku TV Channel line up and I pay $8.00 a month to watch live local televison channels.

Aereo Has Excellent Customer Service

Inside view to price plans

Aereo Updates Website Platform

A new Aereo format

6/6/2013 Aereo announced they updated their website format to make it easier to navigate, search and browse television network and TV shows.  The new look is more inviting and appealing and after signing in you immediately have TV show information lined up to click and browse.

They also changed their monthly packages.  The $80.00 a year is discontinued but they still offer $8.00 a month with 20-hours of remote DVR and $12.00 a month with 40-hours of remote DVR.

Share Aereo on Facebook and Twitter or with your friends through email and if anyone joins from your sharing post you can earn up to three-months of free television service.

Aereo is still very new technology but it is technology that continues to get better and technology that gives you affordable TV service.

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Aereo Television

Live Streaming Television On Mobile Devices

It's time to make the switch to watch live streaming television not only on a TV Set but on desktop computers, laptops, iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  Aereo has joined television and the Internet and created new technology that gives people the freedom to watch live broadcast television on mobile devices.  If Aereo antennas are in your area, that allows you to watch live broadcast TV when and where you want.

Aereo TV is affordable television.  It costs $80.00 a year to use the Aereo service that requires no new equipment to buy nor to install.  No downloads, no wires and that means no clutter too.  Aereo gives you access to your local over-the-air channels, all the major broadcast networks and over 20 other channels in high-definition quality.

Each time you sign in to your Aereo account, you send a signal to the hundreds and thousands of Aereo antennas and Aereo assigns one of those antennas to you so you can watch live television.

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Aereo includes a remote DVR (Digital Video Recorder).  All you have to do it sign into your account, choose the show you want to record, click record and it will get saved to the "Cloud" and viewed from any device.  You can easily discover new favorites using search tools and SOCIAL recommendations.

With a Roku or Apple TV, Aereo can be watched on the big screen too.  You can pause, rewind and switch to the big screen when you get home.  A wonderful service at an affordable price.

Aereo created freedom television.  You can upgrade or downgrade without worry.  Unlike the traditional cable TV providers, if you decide to skip a month of service, all you have to do is to put your service on hold within your Aereo account.  There is no need to call customer service, listen to a computer, press buttons until a real person comes on the line for you to explain why you want to put your service on hold.  You can change your plan at any time and changes take effect immediately.

Aereo has just begun.  Aereo has set the foundation to revolutionize the way people watch live television in the future.  Aereo continues to expand its area base and continues to grow in popularity.  People are seeking relief from rising cable prices.  Cable prices continue to rise because company prices that cable do business with are rising.  There has to be an end to the craziness of rising prices.  If people stay proactive shopping around for better deals and using new technology to do it, companies will have to be forced to trim their prices to stay competitive.  As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

My name is Michelle Cesare and I'm the author of this article.  I made the switch to Aereo TV and bought my very first Roku device so I could save hundreds of dollars a year on television service.  The cable TV service I used for years skyrocketed in price and I could not accept it any longer.  I had to step up to take the initiative to make a statement and my statement went heard.  When I called to cancel my TV service, I they asked if I would speak with a supervisor and that supervisor was curious to who I switched over to.  I described the Aereo service and there was nothing they could say at the moment to keep me as a customer.  When I said I could watch TV for $80.00 a year and was able to watch TV on my mobile devices too, the supervisor simply understood.  Just like with so many other companies and businesses, sometimes they think they are larger than God and they are not.  We as consumers do have options and taking advantage of new technology while the price is right is smart shopping.  It takes work to keep the bills at a minimum.

I guess I could say that this is a product review but an early stage product review.  Aereo TV will continue to expand and increase its customer base if it continues to save consumers hundreds of dollars a year on television service.  Quality service with cheaper prices.

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