Intex Memory Foam Airbed

Comfort and convenience - The Aerobed Premier Memory Foam Bed Twin

Since the invention of the Aerobed Premier Memory Foam Twin Bed, house guests everywhere no longer have to decide what is more important to them- comfort or convenience. When visiting friends and relatives out of town, it is usually a difficult decision to either book a hotel and be comfortable, or sleep on the floor or sofa of your host and save the money. The air mattress provided little comfort with it's lack of padding and support, however it made it manageable to stay as guests in other's homes without seeming like a vagrant.

What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam air mattresses like the Areobed Priemier memory foam bed use a technology called viscoelastic memory foam to make their air mattresses that contour to the shape of your body. Memory foam was first developed by NASA in 1966 as a way to cushion the seating for astronauts experiencing extreme G-forces during takeoff, as well as for increased safety in the event of a crash. The material never made it into the space shuttles, but it was released to the public in the late 80s. Because it was difficult to work with, no one attempted to use it until a company called Tempur Pedic created the first memory foam mattress. The popularity of the tempurpedic mattress material has grown rapidly in the past few decades, and it is now used in everything from air bed mattress toppers, slippers, even medical equipment.

Benefits of the Aerobed Premier Memory Foam Bed:

What makes the Aerobed Premier memory foam bed so popular is that it combined all of the characteristics of a comfortable air mattress and then added a memory foam mattress topper built in so it was more comfortable than any other air mattress. Some of the features of the Aerobed Premier Memory Foam Bed Twin include:

Built in Profile Pump - Unlike many competing air mattresses, the Aerobed premier memory foam bed twin has a slim profile pump built right into the mattress that can inflate and deflate in 60 seconds. Many air beds come with bulky motorized, or even foot pumps that require time and effort to inflate. Aerobed's patent pending pump takes all of the work out of inflating an air mattress.

Multiple Sizes - The Aerobed premier memory foam bed comes in a variety of sizes for whatever number of guests you need to accommodate. Whether you need a twin, full, or queen sized memory foam air mattress, Aerobed has what you are looking for.

High Quality Visco Elastic Memory Foam - The feature most unique to the Aerobed premier line is the high quality memory foam that is sensitive to the temperature of your body and conforms to it's shape. You body weight is distributed more evenly than other air mattresses which relieves pressure points giving you a better nights sleep, with less pain in the morning.

Intex Velvetaire Flocked Queen Memory Foam Airbed

Similar to the Aerobed premier, the Intex Velvetaire Flocked Queen Memory Foam Airbed shares the similar features of a built in pump, and memory foam mattress topper. However, it adds a few extra features like a remote control for the air pump, as well as a secondary air chamber that builds the entire mattress off of the floor making it easy to get in and out of the bed.

Both memory foam airbed have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for something compact yet comfortable, the Aerobed is a good choice. If want something with more features, but are content with it being a little bulkier, the Intex Velvetaire is a great choice.