The Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker suddenly came from nowhere to become a hugely popular coffee and expresso machine and here's why.

The Aeropress coffee press and expresso maker is cheap, and super fast and convenient to use while getting a great tasting coffee at the same time. It takes only ONE MINUTE to produce a fresh, aromatic and refreshing cup of coffee. In fact, it's only twenty seconds of actual press time so it's the perfect fresh coffee maker for the person who has to dash out of the house in the morning but yet can't bear to leave home without a great cup of coffee to start the day properly.

The Aerobie Aero Press makes about two mugs of coffee or four cups of expresso which can then be used for lattes, cappucinos and other expresso-based drinks. The espresso made by an Aero Press is often claimed to be far less bitter ~ there's an easy explanation for this. It's because the total immersion style of coffee brewing by Aeropress means you can a strong, good flavor but at a lower temperature. Higher brewing temperatures created the bitterness. Also ~ in an Aero Press, the amount of water used is determined by you ~ so you can brew to any strength of coffee from super-strong to weak. Is that the only reason why aeropress coffee makers have become such best sellers in the over-crowded coffee maker market? It's not just about taste and versatility alone. A big part of the reason is because of the ease of use.

Aerobie 80R08 Aeropress Coffee Maker

You simply mix the water and the coffee grounds for just 10 seconds, then you use the plunger and push the mix through a micro-filter for 20 seconds only and there you go - that is it! A proper cup of coffee but without the slow, dragging-on wait for a drip brewer. And air pressure used in the process also squeezes the very last bits of goodness for the coffee grounds so you get a fully enriched flavor each time. It's clean (and BPA free), cheap, quick and convenient. And you don't need all the fussy clean-up afterwards that you get with a fancy French press. It's a genuis-design and a completely new way of coffee making. It's even fun to use in fact.

The negative feedback from Aeropress coffee maker reviewers is that you need more hand pressure than you might think - so you have to be careful. Some people like to place the aeropress plunger on top of their paper Starbucks coffee cup (so they can carry it around) but if you're not careful, the paper cup will collapse and coffee might go flying everyway with the amount of pressure you need.

For the best deals, look for the Aeropress coffee press and expresso maker with 350 bonus micro filtersonline.

Aerobie aeropress coffee maker review

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