Here is what I found today. I realized that if I wanted to increase my earnings as an internet marketer or as a writer here on InfoBarrel, I'll have to focus more or giving rather than getting.


I heard in The 11 Forgotten Laws that "givers gain". This is really a mindset you should develop if you want to become successful in whatever it is that you pursue. It's a strong theory in marketing and it has a lot of practical value. You have to give before you get. That's just a fact.


If you're so focused on making money with your articles or your business, this will become apparent to your readers. If instead, you focus on creating value to your readers or customers/clients... the giving state of mind you are in will be picked up by them unconsciously and they'll respect you a lot more for it.

It's ok to want to make money but you have to look at the bigger picture. It's not all about the money! It's about service... about contributing to a bigger cause. Helping other human beings like yourself reach their own goals and dreams. That's your ticket to real wealth.


It's like a catch-22 really... because if you want to make a lot of money, your focus shouldn't be on making money. It should be on creating value for others. I can't repeat that idea enough. It's so important! Give, give, give. I've written about how powerful tithing is(giving 10% of your income to charity). But being a giver is much more than that. It's about giving your time, your energy, your heart and soul or as some put it "your blood, sweat, and tears" into your pursuits. Give yourself completely to your readers, to your customers and they will be loyal to you.

You have to look at this business as your way of giving back. It's more than just about the money. It's about changing people's lives with the products you are promoting. It's about making a difference. That's why you have to be careful when it comes to deciding which products you want to promote and which you don't want to promote. Don't promote just about anything you learn about. You're having a real effect on people's lives through affiliate marketing so don't waste this opportunity. Everyone knows that the money in this business is in building long-term relationships with your customers in which they'll buy from you over and over again. Would you buy more from someone who sold you a crap product? Of course not. So don't make this mistake. It's not about losing a potential customer for life... it's about doing the right thing and being genuine in your marketing efforts.


That's all for today. I just felt inspired to share this with you. I hope you liked it!

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