Earn income by directing traffic

Put simply, affiliate marketing is the process of selling and promoting a product or service that was developed by someone else.  Becoming an affiliate marketer and creating an affiliate marketing company can be very lucrative, especially when coupled with effective online search engine optimization and marketing.

 How to earn money

A commission is earned from an affiliate directing online traffic to a particular product offer and if that visitor purchases the product, then a commission is awarded to the affiliate.  Some products may offer a 50% commission, meaning that if the product sold is $100, then the affiliate will receive $50.

 Creating and affiliate marketing company is much like starting a traditional business, but the costs up front are extremely low.  There are a few requirements in order to begin earning commission as an online affiliate marketer.  The first step is to own a website where the product can be promoted.  Once a website is in place, the affiliate marketer must inquire with the product company about receiving an affiliate link or banner advertisement.  This process is normally done through the product company site, if the company has an affiliate plan in place.  Each company may have different terms regarding affiliations.  Some companies may not allow their product name to be used in a domain.  Coca-Cola, for example, probably will not allow an affiliate to own the domain, http: rycocacola.com.  

 Receiving approval

Once all terms and conditions are met and the affiliate link is approved by the product company, the affiliate marketer can now begin to drive Internet traffic to the product sales page, via the affiliate link given by the product company.  There are many ways to drive traffic to a sales page.  An effective method is creating a website that has quality content that includes a link or advertisement to a product that is directly related to the topic of the website.

 Start your affiliate marketing company

For example, if the affiliate marketer creates a website based on dog training, then a link or banner advertisement that is pointed at a sales page with dog items or dog training books would be complimentary.  If the website content is compelling, the website visitor may click on a link or advertisement, directing the visitor to a product sales page.  This page is created by the product company and usually includes product information, benefits, price, and payment information.  If that visitor buys the product, the affiliate receives a commission.  Once an affiliate marketer has created one website, many more sites can be created to form an affiliate marketing company.

One benefit of becoming an affiliate marketer is that the product company does all the selling, processing, and shipping of the product.  The affiliate simply recommends a product and receives a commission for every product that is sold through the affiliate link or advertisement.

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