Do you want to quit your job and start to be your own boss? The idea of working for yourself is attractive to many people. The reality, however, usually different. In fact, most people cannot be their own boss due to money and risk issues.

 Even a small business start-up can require quite a lot of money. There may be little or no revenue earned at first. You need to buy or lease a work site, stock, equipment, and possibly staff. There are many other expenses, such as operations and advertising.

 Risk is another factor. Even with sufficient starting capital, nearly all new small businesses fail within a year. If yours is lucky, you have to keep investing your time and money to improve and expand. There could be a 5 to 7 year time period before a business becomes a significant profit center. Most people can't wait that long so they investigate affiliate marketing.

 As an affiliate, you work as a network sales professional for a merchant or company. You generate sales of goods or services and you earn a commission based on the value of your sales. There is usually little cost or risk involved. Your efforts directly relate to your rewards.

 Working as a network sales professional can be challenging. There is a lot of initial work to be performed. There isn't much difficult work, but it may be outside of your comfort area. Luckily, however, you earn your rewards directly. While there is no guarantee of success, but there are procedures that you can follow to improve the chance of success.

 To start, you need to choose offers to promote. There are many. Initially, it is a good idea to choose a product that you are familiar with. Perhaps there is a tool, or device, that you find very useful. Practically anything can work. If you, yourself, use the product, you will be more confident and sincere. This will be evident in your marketing materials, which may improve the chance of gaining sales.

Having familiar products will help when you create a new web site as well. Your personal knowledge will be invaluable as web site articles. If you try to market items that are unfamiliar, you will find the process boring, tedious, and ultimately less successful.

 After your initial promotional work, you can explore the process for items that are not familiar. At that point, your knowledge of the process can be used to promote practically any item. Keep the expansion possibilities for a later time.

 When you set up your web site, you should limit the number of ads, or banners, that you use. A site full of such material will look ugly. They will be shunned by the buying audience. Instead, carefully place fewer, better looking banners, using them to accent the promotional articles and videos.

Networks to Join

Amazon - One of the biggest online retailers of all time. They are very supportive of online partners. Check to see if you are eligible which is dependent on your place of residence. Infobarrel is closely associated with Amazon and supports direct inclusion of marketing materials.

Clickbank - a very large provider of electronic products. Features auto-approval. Once you are accepted, you can promote any available offer. They provide referral links which you install on your web page. Set up a button, image, or text link, which uses the provided code. When the buyer clicks, they are taken to the sales page. Your referral code is used and you earn a commission on the final sale.

JVZoo - another large provider. Each offer requires an application process, although some auto-approve. Many products sell thousands of copies, quickly, so being an agent can be quite lucrative. Includes data entry forms and direct links to payment forms which can be hosted on your web pages.

Warrior Forum - a major source of information and products. Specific tips for networks, sales, and web sites, can be found here. Very popular with others who are successful. Many online forums where you can ask questions.

Maxbounty - includes many free offers that you can promote. Free items are useful since it removes the financial barrier for customer leads. Many games, for example, offer a free entry. Later, players buy game items, earning revenue for the publisher. The affiliate program rewards you for bringing a non-paying player to the game due to the potential for future income.


If you use a particular product, always check to see if they have a network sales opportunity. These will be shown at the bottom of the main web page, or possibly on the "Contact Us" page. Check them out and apply. They may pay 20%, 30%, or more, for their partner sales.

Technologies to Use

For your web site, you should pick a web hosting company that offers the WordPress content management platform. Arvixe is a good choice. With WordPress, you can install practically any type of site. The standard theme is perfectly fine for new promotional sites. In time, you can upgrade with enhancements. The work you put in initially will not be wasted.

If you are serious about marketing, you will want to consider the purchase of a video tool. VideoMakerFX is one of the best, and it is a hot application now. This lets you build promotional videos in record time. Check out the purchase link here and get it with these bonuses:

- 10 Instant Video Template files - lets you create new videos even faster. Take one of the templates and change it to match your particular offer. You can have a new video made in minutes.

40 Legal Royalty Free music tracks - adds even more variety to the background audio that you can include with your VideoMakerFX application.

With VideoMakerFX, you can have up to 200 distinct video scenes that you can customize. Get an HD video set up in record time. Upload to YouTube, Vimeo or Amazon. Include the clip on your own web site. You have total control, and full commercial rights. You can even sell your videos to paying clients!