If you're just coming in as a newbie, you've probably spent a lot of money on different affiliate marketing courses. Some had monthly fees. Some had one-time fees. Some gurus did a better job of teaching you about a topic than others. You liked the personality and training style of some over others.

But you're still looking for that one best affiliate program or course that fills in the missing information you've been looking for. Who is that one special person?

Same Ol'Affiliate Marketing Stuff Each Time

The answer: there is no one best guru. Obvious answer. Really. I've been through at least 15 different programs looking for the magic nugget, but over time I realized that it all boils down to the same types of stuff:

  • email marketing
  • SEO
  • niche affiliate websites
  • blogging
  • article marketing (kind of in the in-between stage)
  • Social media marketing (rather newish)
  • video marketing 

Any program that teaches you how to make money online will be a form or combination of these concepts.

But if you want my recommendation, I say go with niche marketing. Why? It's the most broad, it covers every niche on the planet, and the skills you employ have to incoporate SEO in some way shape or form: websites, blogs, article, reviews. You name it.

Email marketing is not always necesary for every niche. If you're going to be promoting shoes on Amazon, you probably don't need a list. Most people understand where to find shoes and trust Amazon enough to buy from them over and over.

Information niches like making money online, weight loss, or just about anything you'll be teaching someone about usually does best with a list. Most people know about using autoresponders like Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp already anyway.

The Internet Changes So Affiliate Marketing Changes

This is another reason why it's so hard to find that perfect affiliate marketing course. Google changes the algorithm constantly, and most internet marketers employ SEO tactics.

So if you have a major change, like this recent PANDA update, some of the tricks of the trade you've learned in your favorite affiliate marketing course don't work like they used to. So unless the guru updates his product, it'll be outdated in no time.

The Warrior Forum is one of the better places to find out about instant changes. Since most gurus hang out there, they're usually the first to know about changes that go on because it affects their businesses.

Don't Sweat The Best Affiliate Program Stuff

So choose a method if internet marketing you prefer: email marketing, social media marketing. You may enjoy PPC more than anything else. Find the right affiliate marketing course for you and stick to it.