With more and more entrepreneurs streaming into web ventures everyday, the demand for easy to use wordpress-based affiliate software is now higher than ever. A new wordpress affiliate management plugin, Affiliate Royale, has just been launched which seeks to fill the void left by expensive hosted affiliate programs that charge steep monthly fees in addition to initial purchases. Affiliate Royale, on the other hand, steps in with a cheap solution that takes only moments to install into your current wordpress based website. Check out my hands-on Affiliate Royale review below!

Affiliate Royale is an actual wordpress plugin. This means that, once purchased, you simply install it through your admin dashboard just as you would any other plugin and, as soon as it's unzipped, presto! You now have a fully featured affiliate management program on your website. 

Affiliate Royale Plugin for Wordpress - Features 

Ease of Use

Affiliate Royale is exceedingly simple to use - yet surprisingly robust in its features, and I feel it walks the line between power and simplicity quite well.

From the admin dashboard in wordpress, you can specify three pages for the affiliate management plugin to use, one where new affiliates can sign-up for the program, one for current affiliates to log-in, and one for logged-in affiliates to view their dashboard. 

If you don't want to hassle with making your own wordpress pages to host the affiliate software, you can simply allow the affiliate royale plugin to create them itself at the press of a button! 


Creating Links and Banners

Once you have the basic pages needed for your wordpress affiliate program setup, you will need to create links and banners for your affiliates to grab from their dashboard. You can make the image files for the banner in any photo or image editing program. 

I use sumopaint (which is a free online image editor) to create pictures and advertisements that will serve as my banners. Next, you head into your wordpress admin dashboard and click the "Links & Banners" tab to access your advertisement control panel. 

From here, it's a very simple two step process to specify a URL that you want your banners or links to direct the reader to when they click them, and then upload the image file you have created to serve as your affiliate advertisement. If you are selling gift baskets, for example, you would specify the URL of your sales page on your website. 

That's it! When your affiliate users login to their personal wordpress dashboard they can click the "Links & Banners" tab to be taken immediately to the advertisements you've created. Clicking on the code selects the entire string so they can easily copy it and paste it into their own sites to start promoting your product!

Real-Time Stats Management

Affiliate Royale Wordpress Affiliates Management Plugin

One of the greatest things about this excellent wordpress affiliate platform is that both you and your salespeople can login to the dashboard at anytime to check up on real-time stats, which will show you all the activity on your site, how many visits and unique clicks your affiliates have been generating, and how many actual transactions have been achieved. 

Meanwhile, you and your affiliates both receive detailed transaction and payment histories, eliminating any chance of discrepancies or headaches. At the end of each month, you can simply login to your wordpress dashboard and the plugin will tell you exactly how much to pay each of your affiliates!

Affiliate Royale defaults to installing an easy to read stats panel on your admin dashboard, so you'll always get up to the minute information each time you login to your site. It doesn't get much simpler than that! It's even faster than getting into your Google Analytics account and pulling up the data you want to see. 

You Decide Your Affiliate Commissions 

The Affiliate Royale plugin for wordpress allows you to specify exactly what percentage of every sale you offer to your sales staff as a commission. You can even add multiple tiers if you want to reward high volume sellers with higher takes of the profits.

It takes about 3 seconds to specify your commission level and tiers, making it a snap to manage a professional grade affiliate program from your own wordpress website. 

Multiple Payment Integration Options

The affiliate royale software is designed to integrate seamlessly with several different payment options, making it a flexible and appropriate choice for many different online businesses. I personally use it alongside paypal, and was pleased to discover this is one of the fastest payment methods to integrate. 

Other immediately supported payment options inlcude Authorize.net, Cart66, Wishlist, and Shopp. Affiliate Royale does offer support for about a dozen additional payment options, such as 1shoppingcart and 2Checkout, but these require "some manual configuration" and I haven't myself attempted them so I can't speak to the ease of difficulty of getting them up and running. 

If you're not certain whether or not the plugin is right for you, just send the folks at affiliate royale an e-mail and they will answer any questions you have. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Affiliate Royale Software Packages - Pricing Options

Affiliate Royale comes in two flavors: single site use and unlimited site use. If you only have the need for one wordpress affiliate program, you can get a single use license for $85. If you're looking to employ affiliate royale across your entire network of websites, you'll want to opt for the unlimited use license, which runs $165. 

Everything considered, either package is a tremendous value when you consider that comparable affiliate programs of similar power require an upfront payment of anywhere from $99 to $199 AND take a cut of your total monthly transactions. 

Some similar affiliate management software packages even charge you a minimum monthly fee regardless of whether or not you're actually making any money! It's much easier, simpler and more affordable to opt for a one-stop solution that installs in minutes and handles everything, allowing you to focus on your next project and your affiliates to feel secure in their compensation as they promote your products. 

Ideas for Employing a Wordpress Affiliate Management Program

If you are already selling something through your website, the benefits of installing an affiliate sales program to your site are potentially astronomical. By enabling motivated and web-savy publishers and webmasters to promote your goods in exchange for a cut of each sale, you are essentially hiring on a sales force with unlimited potential - for free!

Whether you have an e-book, an online flower shop, or anything in between that takes payments using the aforementioned systems, you are likely to enjoy the ease and speed with which you can get a professional grade affiliate management system up and running on your wordpress website!