So, you have been trying to figure out a way to make money on the internet with very little money to invest. If you have the time and no money, then affiliate ebook marketing is one way to go.

Ebooks are electronic books that have been written on hundreds of different subjects by hundreds of different authors, that are available for a price to download to a customers computer. Before you think, "oh great I have to write a ebook and do ebook marketing to sell it, I don't even have a website how am I going to do all of this?.. " don't panic. You can be an affiliate ebook marketer.

ebook Marketing - Commission

Many ebook authors want their books to sell, and will pay an affiliate ebook marketer a commission to sell them. Sometimes the percentage is quite high and if you pick the right niche you can make some money. But how do you do that? One way that works well is to first of all come up with your own interests. Do, you like crafts, golf, recipes, poetry, play the guitar, or play the piano, speak Spanish or French? for example. You are now wondering "what do my interests have to do with affiliate ebook marketing?"

ebook Marketing - Be Familiar With The Subject

The reason for knowing your interests, is because you will be wanting to promote the ebook and it is better if it is about something you like and know, as you will have a wealth of knowledge that you can contribute to articles for example. If you have to do writing about a subject, it is better if it is about something you know or understand, it makes ebook marketing that much easier.

Now head to a ebook store such as Clickbank and sign up for an account. Once you have an account then you head for the marketplace and in the search box, put in a keyword of one of your hobbies you like. You will then see a list of ebooks about that subject. Carefully spend some time looking through the ebooks and their promotion pages to see if you like this ebook.

Get and save the "hoplink" to this book. Now you can go to Goarticles andFree Classifieds from USfreeads! and sign up for their accounts. Once you have accounts with them, you can now write an article for goarticles and in your signature box you can add your link to this ebook. Obviously you want the article to be about the same subject the ebook you are trying to market.

ebook Marketing - Write Articles and Ads

Think of many different angles to this subject and write at least 2 articles a day for the next 2 weeks if you can, making sure your link is in the signature box every time. In the meantime, you can head over to Usfreeads and write a small ad for your ebook marketing and include a link to the ebook. Both these sites are free to join.

This is a great start, and yes you have put in the time, but it has not cost you any money. Affiliate ebook marketing can take some time to get known, but if you keep writing articles and get creative with the signature box, you are going to get people who liked your article clicking on the link, or if you wrote a compelling ad in Usfreeads then they are going to check out the link and if they purchase this ebook then you will get paid a commission.

ebook Marketing - Domain Name

Another way to look a little more professional when ebook marketing, is to purchase a domain name. You can do this at such sites as godaddy, and you can get them for as little as a dollar depending on the domain name and whether you have it as a dot com or a dot info for example. Dot com is more expensive. Once you purchase the domain name you can then have this domain name forwarded to a site. This is where you will put in your affiliate link for your ebook marketing. This may take a few hours before it works, but once it is set up, when anyone clicks on or types in your new domain name ( they will go right to the ebook promotion page (that is where you had the domain name forwarded).

This way you can now include a domain name in your outgoing emails (another great way for ebook marketing), and other article directories.

Now you can see why to be successful at affiliate ebook marketing, that you need to find a ebook that is about something you are familiar with, so that you can write ads or articles on the subject with ease. If you are a great golfer for example, then you can write golfing tips and then direct them to a ebook you like with more golf tips.

Affiliate ebook Marketing

It would be great if you could write and publish your own ebook, then ebook marketing would give you all the money, but maybe you can do that later, for now, you can make some money with affiliate ebook marketing, especially if you are willing to put in the time for articles and ads, then you can be successful with very little output of money. This is a great way to break into ebook marketing.