If you are writing articles for cash, and posting the content in Hubpages or InfoBarrel, you would have joined Amazon Affiliate Program.

Most web content writers monetize the articles through Google Adsense. However, the earnings from Google Adsense is not enough to feed your family.

That is why affiliate marketing comes into the picture.

It makes sense to monetize your content with Amazon Affiliate Program and Google Adsense. You will have two income sources from the same article.

There are pros and cons of Amazon Affiliate Program. You will not make a few thousand dollars from Amazon Affiliate Program.

You are more likely to make a hundred dollar or slightly more per month if you are lucky.

Let us look at the pros of Amazon Affiliate Program.

1. Product range

You have a wide range of products to sell.

You can write a book review to promote a certain book. You can write a movie review to promote a certain movie.

You can even write about the country songs and promote the downloading of the sounds.

If you want to earn specifically from Amazon Affiliate Program, you can write consumer product reviews.

2. Reputable site

Amazon is a reputable website. You do not have to worry about your commission.

As long as you can make sale, you will get paid.

Your customers and readers trust Amazon too. They know that they can trust the website with their credit cards and other payment methods.

They know that they will get refund if they return the products.

That is why you do not have to worry about promoting junks.

3. Widgets and banners

You can get the widgets and banners for promoting Amazon products easily.

If you have an account with Blogger, Hubpages and Infobarrel, the built-in widgets make it very easy to find products for promotion.

You do not need to worry about cloaking the link. You do not need to hyperlink to a certain product. You just type in the keyword and the products will display alongside your content.

4. Amazon is optimized for sale

Amazon website is optimized for sale. Your job is to get readers to click through the link to the website.

Once the readers are there, the website will start to do the selling.

For example, you recommend a certain product. Amazon will make recommendation for other related products to sell to the buyers.

It is likely that your readers buy more products than the one or two products you have recommended.

Some writers experienced a pleasant surprise when they see that the readers click through a link to buy a book, and end up buying an engagement ring as well.

As long as the readers click through your link, you will get commission from all the products that he buy.

That is why you need extremely good luck to make tons of money with Amazon Affiliate Program.

If the readers just buy the product you recommended, you will earn only commission from that particular item.

Let us now look at the cons of Amazon Affiliate Program.

1. US Market

If you join Amazon dot com as the affiliate marketer, your income comes mainly from the customers in US. The readers in China will buy from the Amazon website in China.

The readers from UK will buy from the UK website. They are not likely to buy from Amazon dot com and pay more for the shipping.

That is why the market is smaller than other affiliate marketing program.

2. 24 hours cookie

Amazon Affiliate Program has only 24 hours tracking cookie.

That is the greatest disadvantage.

That means when a reader clicks through your affiliate link to the website, and he does not buy immediately, you may lose out on the sale.

Most readers will not buy immediately. They will bookmark the page, think about it for a day or two, and make a decision.

If they buy the item 24 hours and 1 minute after clicking through your affiliate link, you will not get the sale commission.

That is why many writers find that while the click through rate is good, the sale is not good.

The reason is that people tend to think a while before they buy anything.

3. Commission rate

The commission rate for Amazon Affiliate Program starts from 4%.

If you sell only 4 items in a month, your commission rate is just 4%.

It does not matter that you have sold a diamond engagement ring for a few thousand dollars, you will get only the 4% commission.

The writers who write movie reviews, and get a few downloads will enjoy a higher commission rate than you.

That is why luck is a factor in Amazon Affiliate Program.

If you are lucky, the reader may want to do his grocery shopping and buy 30 items at a time. You will get a higher commission rate for all the 30 items.

It is hard to earn a living from Amazon Affiliate Program. Very few people can make a thousand dollars in commission from Amazon Affiliate Program.

However, Amazon Affiliate Program does bring income. This is on top of the Google Adsense earnings from your articles. The combined income from Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Program is enough to pay for bills if you write consistently for a couple of years.