I have often wondered if I have been really successful at this Affiliate Marketing game. No doubt, I have been at it for years now and have sold numerous products. Still, when I look back I see quite a few of the marketers and tools that that have made all the difference in my life. 

I use several tools for my work. Every IMer or affiliate marketer must have heard of almost all of them – Market Samurai, Google Adwords, CBAnalytics, CBEngine, Camastia, and so many more. Here I am not going to discuss the tools. Rather I would like to discuss the people who have made a difference in my business. Poeple like Eric Holmund (another article, another time maybe) and Travis from Bum Marketing, you just learn so much from these guys. What they say and the way they say is not very glossy and shiny. It’s almost like everyday stuff – and that’s their brilliance.

Here are two of my favorite people (rather one is a person, other is a team of two):

Jennifer of the PotPieGirl - Here are some of my very own mentors. Please note that all of these have my affiliate link on them. I am not suggesting that you buy them, because I try to do as much of the learning and teaching and traffic thing free as is possible. But again, everybody starts from somewhere and these genuine resources will help you all the way. Most of my recommendations have full forums and complete membership sites for less than 100 bucks so you have lifetime access to advice and tips from some of the most knowledgeable people from the IM scene.

Please let me repeat I am not soliciting them. BUT, yes I do say that if you buy these you’ll gain a lot of perspective. Some of them are products/memberships available only once you pay for them. Others are site links and videos which are available free. These consist of my hard work where I have searched for small and big answers online and landed upon sales threads of beautiful websites – things that I have returned to again and again and I hope you’ll find them immensely useful.

Pot Pie Girl Social Media ScreenshotCredit: http://www.potpiegirl.comHere is an inspirational little pep talk from my favorite blogger Jennifer. You can skip this in case you are in no need for motivation. The videos on this page present a very simple way of understanding about the clickbank products. These videos date back to 2008 so you can see the difference in the look and feel of the site, but the basic principles remain the same.

Just see in this screenshot, Jennifer’s articles have been shared multiple times by people like you and me – people who have learned from her and have cared to share the knowledge. Jennifer runs the One Week Marketing program which teaches one several important affiliate marketing tips and tricks in a week. Some very successful internet marketers promote her course and I am sure they won’t be supporting crap coz their own reputation depends on it. You can try out One Week Marketing  to see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

Bring the Fresh - The Fresh Way To Make MoneyBring The Fresh Videos And Forums: I bought a membership on another site BringTheFresh. It is a complete forum and several video tutorials, many of them shot in an over the shoulder manner which ensure maximum learning. This is one I would surely recommend. It has a basic membership of some $35 dollars or $40. That membership includes all the videos and forums etc. Then there is a premium membership of $77 for six months which has more advanced features. For start-ups the basic membership is enough. The one time fees of $35-$40 will give you lifetime access to their forums and videos which are so good that you’ll not regret the money you’ve paid. These are not some off-the-block fellows, these are seasoned marketers and have been around here for around decade. If you any of you remember the “The Rich Jerk” success and its elaborate campaign. Well, that in fact Mike Long and Kelly Felix of Bring The Fresh are those guys who made The Rich Jerk. You can find several testimonials and videos online (they have a channel of their own on youtube) which will show how easy going yet knowledgeable Mike and Kelly are.

These are just two of those inspirational programs which made me change my outlook towards affiliate marketing. If you are serious about affiliate marketing, I really urge you to try the above mentioned programs and see how some nice people are taking the time to let everybody learn from their experience.