We love to rent movies, and many times receive them as gifts to watch as many times as we like or to share with family and friends.

Ours started out lined up on the shelf under the television but then the collection grew.  When we moved, we tried to downsize the ones we had seen many times, but it was a bit painful, but felt good donating them, but still had quite a few left.DVD storage ideasCredit: morguefile.com

We like to keep them in their covers, which of course take up even more room, but many of the DVDs don’t have the title on the disc itself, so keeping the jacket seemed like a good idea to me.  So just how do you store them in such a way that makes them easy to get at, and yet doesn’t look cluttered?

It all depends on your budget and available room.  There are a few unique ways to store them, and if you get creative, one of these ideas will spur your to finally sort and organize your collection.

Organize your DVD Collection

First Step - This does make it easier when you quickly want to watch a particular movie, game or show.  It actually doesn’t take a lot of time to do but if you find a system that works for you, such as splitting them into categories, such as:  Comedies, Dramas, Kids shows, horror etc, then you don’t have to spread them all over the floor next time you want to watch a movie.

Take an afternoon and find those empty cases and the corresponding disc (which usually gets left in the machine or in a pile somewhere else!).  Create your categories, and find a place to store them and your media night will go smoother.


If you simply have no room in your place to have dedicated shelves for your collection of movies then take a look at ottomans with storage.  You can organize them into categories then place them in a DVD file box and stack them inside here. 

You can also get coffee tables with storage under the top, this way they are right at your finger tips but nowhere in sight.  

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Under Couch or Corner of Room

Using a dedicated DVD box, you can label them with your categories, and then place them under your couch (if you have the height) or stack them in the corner of the room.  They are clean and good looking boxes, and will get rid of the clutter and look lean and clean.

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Rotating Cube Carousel

If you have the budget, you can purchase a piece of furniture that actually rotates, therefore allowing you to store your DVDs where you can see them and utilize all sides of this cube.  You could separate them out into their categories per cube. 

If you have a corner you can dedicate to this rotating piece, it can also be a part of the décor and yet easy to get at when you are having movie night.

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Dedicated DVD Cabinet

This is a bit more of an investment, but can be used for blue ray and CDs as well, but will hold 440 DVDs, which is a good sized library of movies.  They are kept out of sight and yet are easy to find once you open the cabinet doors. 

If you have the room, this would make a great piece of furniture, for keeping your TV or media station on top and easy to keep clean with the movies stored neatly away.  Keeping categories is still a great idea so that on movie night you can find your favourite right away.  If you get into the habit of putting them away as soon as you have finished in their right section then you will be ready for next time.  

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DVD Tower

This is the cheapest option and you could get a few of these as they take up very little room.  The room is obviously in the height but there are many shelves.  If you have a lot of movies, you could get a tower for each section or category.  The base only takes up 9 x 8 inches of room, so even the smallest of spaces could accommodate this type of storage if you like the idea of having them in sight.

DVD storage ideasCredit: amazon.com

Hard Media Case

If you simply don’t like the idea of furniture or a tower but want something more portable, then a media case such as this one can hold up to 1000 DVDs.  You could store this neatly in a closet or under your bed depending on how much clearance you have for height, or it can be kept with the media station.  It is a good looking case, and has sleeves to protect the discs. 

If you want to take them somewhere else you can simply grab this case and off you go.

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Binder Set with Sleeves - Colour Coded

These are colour coded binders that can categorize your movies making it easier to select one when needed.  This set can also be secure to the wall or get more and you can stack them up.  This set holds 96 discs.  You could include this set on your bookshelves, or keep by your media center.

If you love to add to your collection, then you are going to need to get organized.  There are many things you can purchase as above to help with your creative DVD storage ideas, but you can also head to the dollar store for more ideas.  You can get “milk crate” style storage containers at many dollar stores that would also be an affordable option.  Anything is better than a sea of them all over the floor as you or your kids look for their favourite movies.

A floor can get littered fast with empty cases and naked discs!  If you only have a few, then a storage box will be perfect but if the collection is growing then it is time for something a bit more organized. 

Take an afternoon and go through them, inspect them, and get them in their right sleeves.  Nothing worse than movie night and the wrong disc is in the wrong sleeve.  If you come up with a fairly easy system you may even get your kids organizing them as well, and that would be a good thing.