Hair Removal Cream

Everyone seems to have a busy schedule with a lot on their mind on a daily basis. Whether it's studying for school or long hours at the office, the last thing that should be on a person's mind is body hair.

Sure, getting rid of hair can be done by simply grabbing the shaving cream and a disposable razor, but how long is that going to last? Four days if you're really lucky. but on average those prickly stubbles start showing up by day two.

Luckily for us, there are a number of products now provided by companies that are not only affordable, but the hair removal results can last for as long as 8 weeks! 

Hair Removal Creams

This is one of my favorite methods because products such as Nair and Veet hair removal cream only takes 3-10 minutes to work. I can't shave my legs in 3 minutes and I'd only get half done with a razor after 10 minutes if I make sure I don't miss any areas. This is an extremely convenient way to get the job done and it last up to 6 weeks on average.

When using this method, make sure to apply quickly and don't rub the product in like lotion, simply smear it on. Wash your hands immediately afterwards or opt for using plastic gloves to apply to the desired areas. Be sure to follow the instructions given on the product label.

Salon Waxing 

This one is for those who want to wear shorts for up to 8 weeks without having to double check their legs before heading out for the day. There are a few different ways to go about waxing.

I'm a fan of having someone at a salon complete the process for me since I'm a chicken and can't pull the strips before the product dries. Prices will vary depending on where you live and the size of the area you want treated.

Yes, this method is a little painful at first, but if the results are something you are satisfied with you'll be happy to know that as you keep returning to the salon your body will adapt to it and it will become less painful with every visit.

Hot & Cold Home Waxing

This method is for those confident enough to be able to pull the wax strips themselves (definitely not me) in the privacy of their own home. There are two different kinds of wax kits available. Hot waxing, which simply means the product is heated and applied to the skin while warm and pulled off (along with the hair) before the wax has time to cool. The heat helps the hair come out easier and with as little snagging as possible.

Cold waxing is only slightly different than hot waxing because of the temperature of the wax. It's still applied to the skin and the hair is still pulled off after having a strip applied after the wax is freshly applied, but instead of the heat being the element used it's the cold that is used to help minimize ingrown hairs and swelling. It doesn't do much to dull the pain, but if you're more prone to ingrown hairs and have a higher pain tolerance (or maybe you're just used to waxing) then this is definitely an option for you.

Sugar waxing is an awesome way to remove hair that is in a completely different realm on it's on. Not because of how it's used (the exact same way as traditional waxing) but because of how it is. This is the most convenient wax because you can make it at home and you can also purchase a kit from the store just like any other kit. It's sugar, meaning it can be easily dissolved by water so if you're like me and you are too afraid to pull the strip, then it's ok to just rinse and reapply. 

The recipe can be found online and can be altered to make it more convenient for you. You'll be using products that are probably alreayd in your kitchen! Now that's saving money! 

Now you can return to your busy life without having to be concerned about taking the time to worry about shaving. It's not even going to make you break the bank which is going to make everyone happy.







Hair Removal Wax