I remember when I was younger that my grandparents had a caravan near the sea, and quite often I would visit them for a week or two over the summer.  I'd stay with them at their caravan, and be at the beach every day, building sandcastles and playing games.  Summers were fun, and I really had a great time.

As I grew older my parents saw how much fun I was having, and they realised that they too wanted to enjoy the caravaning experience.  It was great for me, as well as my siblings.  My grandparents caravan was a little ornate, and being youngsters running around, it would get damaged easily.  My parents found cheap caravans for sale, and soon bought one on another site.

As I grew older and became a teenager, I soon stayed at the caravan on my own, and socialised with the many friends I had made at the caravan park.  I also shared it with friends from my home.  All in all it was a great affordable holiday.

Rather than paying to fly to another country and pay for a hotel I could get on a train and then take a bus from the station to the entrance of the caravan park.  For my parents as well, the initial outlay paying for the caravan was a short lived payment - a small loan.  On top of the annual fees, it was a guaranteed holiday each weekend, and every school holiday between April and September.

PreLoved Caravans

My story aside, if you're looking for an affordable holiday for all the family, or even yourself or a couple, or as a group of friends, caravaning is the way to do it.

Whilst the cheapest form of travel accommodation is probably using tents, caravans offer many additional conveniences.  Not only do they provide you with better shelter, they also provide means for electricity, showering facilities and toilet facilities.  On top of that there is plenty of storage space for your clothes and food and leisure items.

If you're caravaning you have two choices.  These are,

  • Touring Caravans
  • Static Caravans

Touring caravans ultimately give you the greatest flexibility on travel as they can be hooked on the back of a car and towed to your destination.  They come in a variety of sizes depending upon your needs.  Most touring caravans will comfortably sleep two adults and 2/3 children.  However, larger models will accommodate a larger family.

Static caravans offer you the option of renting a pitch at a caravan site, in the knowledge that you have a guaranteed holiday at the camp site when it is open.  Static caravans are much larger and offer more conveniences.  They are more like small homes than touring caravans, featuring two or three bedrooms, bathroom and toilet facilities, kitchen/dining areas and a lounge.

If you have a large budget you may be tempted by newer models of caravans which feature many modern day conveniences, such as central heating or double glazing.

However, for many of us, or if you want to re-live your childhood memories, a preloved caravan is often preferable.  In spite of their age, second hand caravans are often well looked after, and provide excellent accommodation for your holidaying needs.