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Unfinished Dressing Room Before PictureCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

Could your home use a little touch of a cosmetic update?  Could the walls in your home use a touch of tender-loving-care?  Home improvements can seem like such a chore and an inconvenience if one does not have the time to plan, prep then actually do the work.  Many home owners are not capable of doing the work themselves OR don't have the money to pay someone to do ALL the work for them.  These kind of roadblocks can hold someone back from making their living space a more enjoyable place to come home to.  Cracks in walls, peeling paint and outdated fixtures can be a downer.

I decided to write an article about how I updated a 5'x6.5' dressing room for under $300.00.  OK, I understand it's a small room but it's a room that I use daily.  I love the little dressing room.  Anyway, the picture below shows the dressing room BEFORE I started working on it.  The little room was falling apart.  No matter what I tried to do the paint kept peeling off the walls and the thought of spackling and painting it AGAIN for the paint to start peeling off within two years was not an option this time around.  If I was going to update the dressing room I was going to do it right this time around so I would not have to update it for years to come.  I asked family and friends for ideas AND hired a young man from my job to help.  Experienced professionals would not take the time of day to fix my little room and if they did they would charge a lot of money to makeover the dressing room.  The dressing room is an odd size and each wall is slightly uneven so it did bring challenges.

It cost me $292.67 to update the dressing room.  The little room required a lot of work but in the end was worth the time, energy and money.  I did a lot of the work myself to save money and the room came out exactly the way I visioned it.  I hired a young man who knew how to cut molding to fit the each corner and to put up the paneling.  Cutting molding is not something I can do BUT I did help AND put up wall paper, painted and added carpet myself.

Here is a break down of materials used to update and decorate the room.

My mother bought me paneling and paint as a birthday gift to me.  She bought me two cans of paint and two pieces of paneling.  Awesome.

I spent $92.67 at Home Depot.  I bought molding, corner pieces, ceiling molding, wall paper for problem walls, nails for the nail gun, $20.00 5'x7' piece of carpet and two tubes of puddy to fill in the spaces between the molding and the walls.  The room walls are very uneven so I did need to spend one afternoon filling in all the gaps with the puddy but doing so gave the room a polished and finished look.

The young man I hired helped me put up the paneling and cut each piece of molding.  The room now has molding at the bottom of the wall, middle of wall, ceiling molding AND corner pieces to give the room a polished and finished look.  If I had to estimate how many cuts the kid made to fit all the molding and corner pieces into place, I would estimate at least 75 cuts in two days AND the kid glued and nailed the paneling on the walls and nailed each piece of molding into place.  If I had to pay a professional to do what the kid did for me it would had cost me a hell of a lot of money.  I paid the kid $200.00 for two days of work and the kid worked from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm two days without stopping.  He kept moving and working.  He was worth every single penny I paid him.  Of course I treated him to lunch.

In 31/2 days the dressing room got transformed.  I put up the wall paper, painted, did the puddy filling, put down the carpet directly over the old carpet using carpet tape to hold it into place and did the clean up myself.  I saved a lot of money hiring a kid who did odd jobs to earn extra money, shopping for the materials myself and doing the cosmetic work myself.  I stayed focused and pushed ahead until the job was complete.  The finished product came out beautifully and the pictures below show just that.

If it's time to update your home but can't afford to hire professionals to do ALL the work for you, consider hiring people who do odd side jobs and ask the help of family and friends.  You are capable of doing a lot with very little if you're willing to do some of the work yourself.  Think about how much you can do yourself with a little planning and hard work.  The little dressing room is good to go for years to come.  I'm very pleased with the finished result.  What do you think?

Finished Dressing RoomCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

Remodeled Dressing Room On The CheapCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs







On the right side of the room around the closet doors I put up textured wall paper to cover damage wall and painted it white.  It looks awesome and now I don't have to spackle the wall ever again.

Textured Wall Paper Over Damaged Wall AreaCredit: Michelle Cesare's PhotographsTextured Wall Paper Over Damaged Wall Area(94219)Credit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs