If you are living in a small space then you need some affordable kitchen storage ideas that work, especially if you are renting and don't or can't mess with the present kitchen.  You are also going to want something that is quick to install and cheap!

You can get many kitchen cabinet organizers now that make great use of that wasted space that tends to be in many cabinets, especially the base ones and under the sink.  But if your biggest problem tends to be clutter on the counter, then there are other options that work well.

This behind the sink and yet on the counter storage works really well.  It makes use of the wasted space that is behind your sink, probably where you tend to jam dish clothes, pot scrubbers and dish soap. 


Over the Sink ShelfCredit: Amazon.com


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But as you can see in the picture, there are many options for getting lots of things off your counter, and yet in a place that is easy to work with, out of the way and easy to find.  This works well for the things you need to use everyday.

Since the kitchen sink tends to get the most traffic in a kitchen then having things right in front of you is a brilliant idea, and this works for a double or a single sink.  It gets everything off of the counter and in better view.  Also makes it easier to clean around the back of the faucet and sink and puts everything in plain view.

What I like about this setup, is that is doesn't interfere with anything you are doing a the sink, and you can find things quickly.http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=makcraforcas-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B003PMHLCU

This works well for those small kitchen spaces where counter space is at a premium, but also can work for any kitchen that has to fight with clutter.

The top shelf is an ideal place for plants and your herb garden if your sink is by a window.  But it is quite amazing the amount of space you can free up on your countertop by using this kitchen storage idea.

If you own your own home but just don't have it in the budget to redo your kitchen but really need some space, take a look at the kitchen supply stores and see the upgrades in kitchen cabinet organizers and kitchen storage ideas that for an affordable price can turn those cabinets into premium storage space.  

You can get everything from sturdy can storage, to pot racks, to pull out pantry inserts for those skinny cabinets.  There is a lot of options that are affordable and a great way to deal with kitchen clutter.

Don't forget to check online too.  You can get many of these great storage ideas, such as the one pictured, at sites such as Amazon for an affordable price.  Many can be installed very quickly and you can use them right away. 

This behind the sink and yet over the counter storage is one of my favourite, and is an attractive way to make use of limited space in your kitchen.

Affordable Kitchen Storage Ideas

Whitmor 6066-930 Supreme Over The Sink Shelf
Amazon Price: $45.34 $23.00 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 28, 2016)