Don't be too worried about the cost of lumineers. There are dozens of financing programs in place to ensure you get affordable lumineers that will leave you smiling.

Firstly, you will need to establish with your dentist how many you are going to have and other intricacies. From there you can work out a simple pricing plan and establish how much dental lumineers. 

Are Lumineers Affordable?

You will find that most dentist practices are actually very flexible in their lumineers financing options and can be drawn up specifically for you (as with most cosmetic treatments like Invisalign invisible aligners and so on). The usual case is that they can offer you a payment structure to allow it to act like a very affordable financing installment plan that is usually based at zero percent interest rate. 

Note: you will find pretty much 99% of insurance companies won't want to know given they consider it a 'cosmetic' treatment. This being said it is worth double checking with the company to see if they will offer up 'part' of the cost.

Moreover, as lumineers are "exclusive" from the DenMat Lab you will find that there is little in the way of negotiation in terms of cost, they set a price and the practice usually passes the cost straight on to their customers (usually with a little mark up). As said, although the cost of lumineers is hard to judge given the numerous factors that are involved such as:

  • How Long it Takes to Fit Them In - usually it takes around the 60 minute mark on your second visit (the first visit will be about what's needed & the affordable lumineers financing structure you will have to implement as well as creating a mold) -- this will of course depend mostly on the experience of the dentist as well as how many you are having fitted.
  • What's Involved in the Procedure Itself - you can never tell if such a fitting will go well, but they more than often do since the operation is quite simple and painless -- you won't need shots and no drilling is involved.
  • Quality of the Dentist & Practice - obviously like most things in this world if you go to a top of the range dentist and practice expect to pay more than one which is a little less reputable.

This being said they are usually around the $1000 mark for every tooth, not exactly cheap and affordable by any means (for the average person on a fixed income) -- especially compared to some other options like traditional veneers that more or less do the same job. That being said there are a number of methods to think about to make the whole procedure more affordable. Below is a list of strategies to think about to make your lumineers surgery cheap as possible.

  • Ring Around and Get Quotes - the best strategy is to get and compare quotes to find the cheapest option. For instance if you lived in Houston you could ring around and email all the local practices on the 'typical' price that they offer for a procedure pet tooth and what type of financing structures they have in place.
  • Discount for Several Teeth? - some dental clinics work on a tooth by tooth basis, however you will find some are more willing to negotiate an overall reduction when you are having more than one done. See if you can haggle it down as best you can.
  • Affordable LumineersCredit: Add Ons - ask about the experience of the dentist at hand, have they run to any problems in the past. Also, be sure to ask if they can offer you a guarantee structure placement and if they aren't done correctly perhaps by an inexperienced dentist (and requires several trips) this could in a reduction in payment.
  • Government Program - it is worth looking into some government health programs to see if they will help subsidize the cost -- like you can with some local county dental practicies that will practically half your cost for you. This is usually for those who quality under as a "low income family" though.
  • Discount Dental Plans - these simple payment structures allow you to benefit from significant discounts not only with complex procedures such as with lumineers but also when it comes to the simple tasks as well with professional cleaning etc.[1]

You also have to be honest with yourself, on a strict basis lumineers are only really needed to cover up damaged teeth, but most people like to go overkill because they good (there is no disputing that) but on the other hand this is the factor that seriously drives prices up. On the other hand, it is hard to place a price on something that will boost your self esteem, especially if you are particularly self conscious about.

Lumineers Before and After

I hope you find an affordable lumineers deal that you are happy with and comes out better than you could have expected. If you do have any questions or concerns I would be happy to answer them below.