The right outdoor furniture can transform your patio, from a place to hang the laundry to the centre of your home activity during the warmer months. Who doesn’t love enjoying the refreshing night air while having dinner outdoors, or being able to relax in the shade with a good book and your favourite music? Finding affordable outdoor furniture for sale can make all of this possible.

Outdoor Furniture Sales

The first place you visit when searching for affordable outdoor furniture is your local furniture stores, right after the summer season. This is the time when most of them will have sales for outdoor furniture and related items, such as backyard water fountains or pool building mateirals, and this will allow you to buy your desired items at a fraction of the price. Buying at the sales is often a matter of buying for the following year, so if you are in a hurry for cheap patio chairs for this year’s barbeque season you may have better luck trying other options. However, if you want to grab a good deal make sure to always visit the bargains corner of any home improvement and furniture store you visit, as you may be pleasantly surprised!

Cheap Furniture For Sale Online

You can buy patio furniture online at places such as EBay and individual retailers. The prices are often very competitive, but you cannot see the goods until they arrive to your home, which for some is a big issue. However, it is possible that the internet is the best source for affordable outdoor furniture, and as such it shouldn’t be discarded. If you are really keen on a particular brand or style, check out the prices online before buying it from a store and you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you have access to online buyers clubs or coupon sites, it's also worth keeping an eye on their offers. While there is no guarantee that your dream outdoor garden furniture set will just happen to be on sale there, nothing is lost by checking regularly and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Beautiful Garden Fountain On Sale

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Cortez Indoor/Outdoor Planter Fountain

Discounted Garden Furniture Lines

If you don’t mind your patio furniture not being the latest model, you may be able to grab a bargain at a patio furniture clearance. Many furniture stores will offer discounted prices to get rid of discontinued models, or those that have gone out of fashion or been replaced by a more recent version. If you are looking for affordable outdoor furniture check out the reduced to clear section of your favourite furniture stores.

If you want to go this route, make sure to check reviews throughly before buying, and make sure you can still buy replacement parts in the future even if it's from EBay. You don't want to buy a bargain garden furniture item, just to discover that the reason it was discountinued is that it sucks, or that replacement parts are more expensive than a brand new model.

Used Furniture

The most affordable outdoor furniture is probably used patio furniture for sale. Used doesn’t always mean pre-owned, though. You can get real bargains if you are willing to buy ex-display items, or those that have been returned after people assembled them. If you are interested in retro patio furniture, antique and second hand stores can have interesting pieces that you may need to restore in order to be able to use them outdoors.

Garden Furniture Outlets

If you live near an outdoor furniture outlet you have a chance of getting high value garden and patio furniture at a very low price. You may also want to look at going out of business furniture sales, as they also have heavily discounted items. Just make sure you buy things you’ll like for several years, and not something that is on the outlet because nobody wanted to buy it while it was fashionable.