Road bike shoes and pedal combo allow cyclists to ride their bike better and faster, the shoe and pedal or clippers as they are more commonly known are fixed to the bike so your foot is always in contact with the pedal, and this allows the cyclist to ride faster without having to push down on empty air before hitting the pedal. The road shoes and pedals are easy to slip off the pedal, simply twist your foot and they are free from the bike pedal. As your feet are clipped into the pedals when riding you may need to plan when you are going to stop for a rest so that you can stop easily somewhere safe , then you can unclip yourself from the bike safely. There are some bike shoes and pedal combos that you can buy on the internet from various websites such as BrandsCycle& they have a pair of shoes for sale that are mainly black with silver pieces on, they have Velcro straps to secure onto your feet. The carbon clipper, pedal piece is included, that then fits onto the shoe which fits onto the pedal, and these particular road shoes are $249.99.

Many cyclists see the advantages of road bike shoes and pedal combo, professional cyclists rarely ever go back to using a normal pedal after they have experienced the pedal combo, it improves speed and agility, and makes cycling uphill easier, back stoke can be improved hugely.

Pearl Izumi Men's Road Shoes for $90 at

The main advantage of the shoes and pedal is that you have greater grip and friction. are selling some road shoes and pedals for $129.98 they are elite carbon road shoes that come with the pedal , they are black with white patches, there is a thick strap at the front of the shoe, this allows better grip to the pedal piece. and BrandsCycle& have a great range of colors and styles. There are descriptions of performance suited for the cyclists.

When using road bike shoes and pedal combo for the first time, be alert and aware that your foot is strapped to the pedal securely, test the shoes out in a safe environment before you start to use them for performance. For example don’t go straight to riding at junctions or heavy flow traffic before getting a feel for them. Even professional cyclists have said that they fell off their bike when first using the shoe and pedal combo for the first time. have a great range of road bike shoes and pedal combo, they have a pair for $79.99, this price and shoe is ideal for a first time user, you can test them out and see if they work for you. If you a considering training and becoming a professional cyclist, consider buying a hard wearing pair of shoes. Once you buy the pedals or clippers, you can fit them onto most bikes and shoes. Have a look on if you would like to buy a second hand pair of shoes before buying a brand new pair.