Allamanda Resort

Affordable VS Luxurious Seychelles Hotel and Resort

Seychelles Islands have been the leading tourist and honeymooners’ destination in almost a decade. Just like Maldives, it also brings a different kind of feeling of tropical climate and wonderful experience. As the Title speaks for itself; this post will give you an idea the pointers that you have to consider when choosing Affordability over Luxury. Finding inexpensive accommodation in Seychelles Islands isn’t really hard to find. However, we can’t really compare an ordinary hotel over a luxurious hotel. It’s like apple and oranges. But, having an option is still a good idea, especially, if you really want to have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones, despite of limited budget. So, let me tell you now the two wonderful hotels we have visited recently. We gave it a try; we stayed in two different hotels; a luxurious one and a cheap one. And, here’s our verdict.

We stayed our first 3 days in Tclub Allamanda Resort. It is located on the Mahé Island, only around 20 minutes’ drive from Seychelles International Airport. We gave it shot, because, we want to prove that we could still find an affordable yet decent hotel. And, we were not disappointed. Although, the rooms aren’t as fabulous as what we have seen before, it is still indeed spacious and clean. They have king sized beds for each room. Each bedroom has its own balcony. Rooms are equipped with a tea and coffee maker, but, you have to bring your own tea or coffee bags. They also don’t provide creamer or milk, so, better bring your own. Although they have iPod docking station, the TV only has few channels. Anyway, I realized that we went there to experience the beauty of Seychelles, and not just waste our time in watching TV, which we could do without going in Seychelles. Let me emphasize that all of their rooms are Ocean View, so, if you love watching sunsets or sunrise then you won’t get disappointed. If you’ll stay in this hotel, aside from sun bathing, renting a car is a pretty good idea. It will allow you to move around, although, roads are very narrow and edges are quite steep. The Mahé Island is just small, so everything is within just a few minutes’ drive. I would strongly recommend that you drive south from the Anse Forbans to access beautiful beaches such as Bail Lazare and Anse Soleil. Paying a visit to Surfers Beach would also be a good idea. The food quality whether it’s a buffet or in menu was just average. Drinks are a bit pricey, but, we should remember that almost everything on Seychelles is overpriced. By the way, we also had a very relaxing spa treatment on the oceanfront side of the hotel. Overall it’s still decent to say that we had fun and enjoyed our stay in this Hotel and Resort.

Now, if you have the budget and you want to experience the real meaning of Luxury, then, you must visit this next hotel. We stayed in Banyan Tree Hotel & Resort, which is situated on Mahé Island; it is just 30 minutes’ drive from the airport. Let me say that this is one of the most enchanting trips I have ever made. It is a place where you can have your own private luxury villa and easy access to a very beautiful white sand beach; while enjoying a 5 star hotel service. Where you can ask a staff to bring tables and chair by the beach wherever you want to have a romantic dinner. I love the big, elegantly designed infinity pool while you can see the beautiful blue ocean and the long stretch of white sand beach. Where you could have smoothies or drinks as you enjoy the ocean view. We enjoyed the very refreshing and relaxing spa treatment in Banyan Tree Seychelles; the Thai massage was just incredible! We actually had to visit the Spa again on the last day of our stay. We also enjoyed our dinner in the Saffron restaurant, where they serve different delicious cuisine.  We had light meals and salad at lunch; and fine dining in the evening. I enjoyed their grilled seafood fresh from the Indian Ocean; it’s one of the highlights in their restaurants. There are also other outdoor activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, Island hopping and many more. All I can say is, since, the resort is around 10 years old, I guess, it would need some refurbishing. Other than that, everything seems to be perfect! Now, you have the idea where to go, just in-case you want to escape from the pressures of a busy life. Choose between Affordability and Luxury; it’s in your hands. Seychelles is still the primary tourist destination in the world!