There’s been plenty of negative talk surrounding Afghanistan, since 9/11, and now, finally, there’s something good to talk about. Afghanistan has opened its very first skate park called Skateistan Skate Park. It’s located in Kabul’s biggest indoor sports stadium. Skateistan is a skateboarding school that is open to urban and internally displaced youngsters. It teaches girls and boys how to use all types of skating methods, including longboard skateboards.


One of the biggest aspects of the Afghanistan skate park is that it allows girls to join in. This is a country where girls and women are discriminated against and left out from many educational and recreational activities. There are young girls there, today, though, who would like to grow up to be a professional skateboarder. It took about $650,000 in donations to open this longboard skateboard park. One young girl’s parents are paid $1 day to work at the skate park (instead of selling gum on the street), while she learns how to use longboards.  


The land that the skate park sits on (about 19,380 sq. ft.) was donated by the Afghan Olympic Committee. It also helped out with supplying security, water and power. After the skate park opened, dozens of boys and girls from all backgrounds joined the indoor park. The park brings together a mixture of children from various social classes, which is something you don’t see very often in countries like this. The school teaches more than just how to ride longboard skateboards; it teaches healthy habits, information technology, languages, civic responsibility and the arts. It’s a lot like the Boys and Girls Club, or other similar organizations you may be familiar with, especially those that help kids stay off the streets.


A lot of the students who are signing up at this skate park are looking for more than just entertainment. For some, this is their future. Being a professional skateboarder is much more possible, now that they have access to facilities, teachers and longboards. The skate park has expert skateboarders who are teaching the children how to skate, jump, ride ramps and perform other tricks. Before the skate park opened, the land was an empty space that wasn’t being used. It was once filled with dogs, and now it’s filled with children and their longboard skateboards.


All across the world, skateboarding is continuing to be a great pastime, and even a childhood dream. One of the best gifts a parent can give to a child is a longboard skateboard. It’s possible that he or she may develop skateboarding skills and become a professional skateboarder. Skateboards can be purchased at online longboard shops, which sell them at reasonable prices. There are different designs and colors to choose from. There are also different sized longboards, to accommodate beginners and professionals.


Hopefully, the children in Afghanistan will continue to learn new skateboarding skills, and possibly become some of the world’s next best boarders. They could enter competitions and gain a sponsor. Potentially, skateboarding could keep children off the streets and boost the country’s economy.