Small & Simple Changes for your Weight Loss Plans

Weight loss is not about going on a short-term diet and when your goal is accomplished you forget everything that you put in practice to get the weight off. In fact many people do just that and then the weight immediately starts coming back on. Losing weight and keeping it off requires that you make some permanent lifestyle changes with small and simple changes that will make your weight loss plans successful. This article contains some tips on what permanent lifestyle changes you should make to keep the weight off for good!

Eat Your Fruit and VegetablesWeight Loss Plans

Make a goal of eating more fruits and vegetables. Try reaching for a piece of fruit when you first feel hungry.  Eat fruit and vegetables throughout the day. Just incorporating that one simple habit into your eating pattern will help you lose weight because it will take the edge off of your hunger. Instead of grabbing for a bag of chips, grab an apple. When your hunger is abated you will be in more control to plan your next meal and make healthier choices.  Get in the habit of carrying fruits and or vegetables with you. It’s okay to eat any fruit, including bananas. Just don’t make bananas the only fruit you eat. When buying bananas look for the smaller sized bananas. You can also add fruit to smoothies which is a delicious and fulfilling treat. Think of fruit as nature’s candy. If you are going to have something sweet, make it fruit. Get creative with your fruit. How about sliced peaches with a dab of whip cream? Have you tried sliced bananas sautéed in a skillet? Yum!

Have Breakfast Everyday

Be sure that you are having breakfast every day. Numerous studies have shown that people who are trying to lose weight will increase their chance of successful weight loss if they add breakfast to their dieting routine. If you get in the habit of having something for breakfast everyday (within reason) like a piece of fruit with a slice of bacon, a piece of toast, with coffee or tea provides enough satisfaction that it will only take a small snack (fruit or vegetables) to tide you over till lunch time. Breakfast sets the baseline for your metabolism throughout the day and moderates hunger until your lunch time meal. People who skip breakfast often reach for a high-calorie snack to last until lunch thereby defeating their weight loss goal.

Stay on Track Even at Work

For many people, work can be a weight-loss sabotaging environment. Don’t fall into that trap. Find ways at work to be successful by staying on track. Stay away from vending machine products by bringing your healthy snacks to work with you. Remember your fruit and vegetables. Good snacks to reach for are nuts like almonds and walnuts (in moderation), celery sticks with a dab of peanut butter. Plan your snacks, and take them with you wherever you go that way you will be ready when hunger strikes.

Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Remember that losing weight is a marathon not a sprint. Safe, sensible weight loss occurs gradually over time. When you lose weight over time you are also teaching your brain how to make better choices along the way as well. Understanding that weight loss should be gradual and consistent enables you to be less vulnerable to frustrations that can occur if you set an unrealistic time goal. Setting a rapid weight loss time goal could derail you completely.

Write It Down

It’s been proven that people who write down everything they eat increase their weight loss success by 80% more than those who do not. A food diary is important to have and will help you stay on track to managing your weight and achieving your weight goal. When you write down everything you eat, you monitor how much and how many calories you are consuming each day. Once you start tracking; it’s a game changer. You become in control and are able to make conscious decisions about what you put in your mouth. When you maintain a log of consumed foods, you have a better understanding of what you are eating and why. When you know you are tracking your food; it gives you the strength to decide to skip that extra cookie or slice of cake because you have to record and account for it in your calorie total. Not as tempting now is it?

Use Smaller Plates

You can trick your mind into believing that you are getting full by eating your meal off of a smaller plate. Plate sizes have dramatically increased in restaurants and homes thereby causing us to eat a lot more food than we historically use to. This cultural change has greatly contributed to the increase in waist size. People often fill their plates and when your plate is considerably smaller it helps with automatic portion sizing. Many people feel the need to finish all the food.  These are the values that they were raised with and it is hard to waste food so using a smaller plate works perfectly for their food attitude. A smaller plate gives the appearance that there is a lot of food but in reality the food amount might be perfectly portioned. If you start off with a smaller plate, then it can give you a moment to pause and allow enough time for your stomach to feel full before thinking about refilling your plate.

Drink More Water

How much water do you drink a day? Many weight-loss resources all stress the importance of water in a healthy diet and rightly so as water keeps the body hydrated and allows body fat to be metabolized quicker. It forces the body’s thermo genesis process into action, causing you to burn calories and fat at a much faster pace. So drink your water consuming a comfortable amount of water for you. Let your body guide you to the appropriate amount of water for your body. Stay away from soda and soft drinks as well. If you absolutely have to have occasional sodas then drink diet only. There are lots of low-calorie, organic soda-like drink choices available for you to choose from. Think outside the box and be a little creative with designing your healthy drink choice. For instance try, low-cal organic lemonade mixed with sparkling water for a refreshing drink. You might have to do a little experimenting but you can wean yourself from surgery laden soda drinks.

Dump the Sugar

Sugar plays a key role in the formation of excess body weight, so try to reduce and or eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible. Stay away from packaged, processed, fake sugar products and go for natural sugar found in fruit, honey and vegetables.

Get Moving

Weight loss requires reducing or burning calories and adding exercise helps to burn calories and it strengthens your heart and does so much good to your body. Walking is a terrific way to complement your weight loss goal. Try to get some exercise every day. Its okay to start gradually, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint to the finish line. The important thing is to start. Take a15 to 20 minute walk and then continue to add more walk time or additional activities as you build stamina. Not only will you start to improve your overall health you will feel better about yourself and proud of your commitment to your weight-loss goal.

Permanent weight loss is about lifestyle change. It’s about planning long-term versus short-term. You now have some solid tips that will help you get to your goal, but only if you put them into action. When you review the list you will note that they are very simple and small changes that could make a huge difference to your weight loss success journey.  Apply these tips from this article and you will be on track to having a healthier, happier, long-term better you.