African American Hair Growth

The difficulty of trying to grow longer African American hair, has more to do with historical African American Hair GrowthCredit: Vox Efxfactors and generational methods than cultural differences. It is not so much an issue no growth but the fact that it curls and kinks so much that growth is slower than other types.  The early 1900's saw the prominence of Madame C. J. Walker, who improved the European use of pressing or hot combs. Madame Walker introduced the method of pressing and chemical relaxers. Both of these processes were intended to give African American's a straightened look, rather than curly or kinky. Because of these earlier methods introduced in hair care treatments, the African American community wholeheartedly embraced their use in the earlier years as well as present day. These earlier treatments weakened hair, dried the scalp and made hair follicles brittle, so that normal growth was often stymied.  On this page we will look at African American hair growth and some resources available to help you get longer hair.

Image: Thanks to Vox Efx's photostream, available on Flickr.

African American Hair Products

Growing African American Hair

The hair care manufacturing market also did not do much to embrace the difficulty of encouraging African American hair growth. Looking at the majority of African American's hair, lends itself to the belief that tight curly hair or kinky looking hair would be difficult to manage. On the contrary, African American hair is very soft and fine and requires products and treatments which address these health issues. Earlier products did not contain ingredients which promoted hair growth, but instead, weighed it down with petroleum based products. The blame doesn't fall entirely on the manufacturers of these products because African American families also used petroleum to hot comb their hair. 

Aggressive chemicals, relaxers and heat are damaging to any hair type, especially in the growth of soft African American tresses. Modern stylists and specialists now promote products which encourage African American hair growth in a more natural way. Moisturizing, conditioning and oiling are now promoted for all hair types, with great benefits for growing African American hair. Due to the softness of African American hair, the use of protein is also encouraged as a regular beauty regiment, especially when consumed in our daily diet. Continued use of chemicals, hot combs, coloring and relaxers remain the constant for hair treatments. Since our hair is naturally made of keratin, adding light protein for strength, coupled with a deep conditioning after shampooing, will encourage growth for tender follicles. 

How Can You Achieve African American hair growth

Not all African American's require the same treatments, however, adding designer shampoos, conditioners, oils, vitamins and protein, in caring for hair growth, will work for most hair types. An added component which will diminish growth for  African American's, is the use of braiding. Tight styles pull at the hair causing so much damage to follicles that they will not grow. African American's often wear braids and cornrows which require special moisturizing treatments. These styles often cause trauma to the shafts and have been worn for years by the African American community without knowing how to properly care for their hair. 

Education in your hair type and how to help it to grow will dramatically increase its length and promote it's health. Taking consistent steps will promote thicker and longer hair is the key for long term success. By using the right equipment, such as simply changing to a wider tooth comb which does not yank or pull out healthy follicles, is a great first step. Research hair vitamins for natural hair growth through nutrients which encourages awakening phases or cycles. Place a satin scarf on your head when sleeping or use a satin pillow case. Satin helps to retain moisture and it keeps the hair from creating friction if you are a restless sleeper. Always add moisturizers thoroughly to your scalp and shafts and stop damaging your blood cells with bad eating or smoking habits. Before you know it, you will begin to “whip your hair,” like the so many African American stars on TV and in the movies because your hair growth began with love, constant attention and care. 

African American Hair Products Online

African American Hair Growth Ebook

I am not going to simply recommend a single miracle product that will help your grow your 
hair longer.  Although it is certainly possible and a lot simpler than many women have thought; growing African American Hair does require that you follow a specific formula.  There are some steps you need to start taking and some things you may need to stop doing.  This formula can be found in the ebook 'How To growing African American Hair Long'.  

With lots of great advice, suggestions on what products to use and a step by step guide it is great value at only $24.97.  This book is written for all African American hair types, with particular emphasis for those who suffer with tight and difficult to grow curls.