If you are looking for African drums for sale, there are a wide variety of types for you to choose from such as djembes, batas, bougarabous and ngomas. Like the conga drum, all of these are traditional percussions belonging to Africa. The most popular one among these is the djembe, which is sought after by people around the world. It is made from a single piece of wood and carved into a shape of a goblet. With history dating back to the 12th century, these African drums for sale are one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. You will learn more about the popular types of African drums for sale and places where you can buy one for yourself in this article.

Types of African Drums for Sale


There are a few main types of African drums for sale on the market. First up is the djembes which is split into the rope-tuned djembes and the key-tuned djembes. Both usually range between 6 to 18 inches in diameter depending on the tune they want to produce. While they are similar in design, both of these use different mechanisms to operate.

Rope-tuned Djembes

African Drums for Sale

The surface of these African drums for sale is made with hide from goats because of their thickness and their ability to withstand toughness. The thickness of the skin would impact the quality of the sound produced. These are the traditional types that you will find in Africa which are handcrafted by the people there. They are made from solid hardwood which gives the drum a loud and hollow sound when hit. You would find many unique designs carved on it which will give a cultural element to it. Some are even hand painted depicting the society and tribes there. As the name suggests, these African drums for sale are tuned using ropes. Each unit has many ropes tied from the head to the neck of the goblet. The tension of these ropes is the key to tuning these djembes. As they are handmade, each drum has a different base note.

Key-tuned Djembes

As you may guess, these African drums for sale is the modern version of the prior one. Due to its increasing popularity among Westerners, manufacturers have come up with modern ways to make this percussion instrument. Also known as mechanically tuned, they have tuning pieces attached to the head of the instrument to make tuning easy. All you need to do is just tighten the bolts around the head to tune them. Another difference from the rope-tuned version is the material they are made of. These African drums for sale are made with synthetic materials instead of the actual hardwood. However, the advancement in manufacturing has enabled these alternative materials to replicate the sound created by the traditional woods. The mass production of these percussions has made the base note of all of them about the same.

Talking Drum

The next most popular African drums for sale is the talking drum. In Africa, these percussions are used to send messages where the drummers state the name of the recipient, sender and the message while playing. Many different dimensions exist for these types of African drums for sale depending on the tribe that makes them. The talking drum is played by using a stick or bare hands and sometimes both together.


The bata is another type of African drums for sale which you can buy. They are shaped like an hourglass with goat skin heads.


These African drums for sale is quite similar to the conga in terms of sound. Its head is made from cow skin with an elongated shaped body. They usually come in sets of 2 to 4 and produce a mid tone when played.

Places to Buy African Drums for Sale

There are actually quite a few places where you can buy African drums for sale. While they used to be extremely hard to find in the past, you could easily find one online now. The prices have also decreased quite a bit due to the increased supply and competition among manufacturers. Finding one in a physical shop is still quite hard because there are not many music stores that import African drums for sale. You would be better off spending your time searching for them online compared to driving to each shop. Whether you're buying one for collection or to play, you would be able to find one easily with the help of the internet. Here is a list of some sites that sell African drums for sale.

Amazon.com - This may surprise you a little! People always perceive Amazon as a place to buy books and toys, but in fact, they have a wide range of African drums for sale for you to choose from. You can even get handmade ones from Ghana here. Prices range between $25 up to over $200 for better ones. The more expensive ones are made from higher quality materials and are carefully handcrafted with a lot of detail. These are more suitable for professionals or people who want to collect them as a display item. For starters, you might want to stick to the low to mid range ones to get a feel of the instrument. Shop here and get up to 50% off retail prices and free shipping.

X8drums.com - This is another site that is famous for selling traditional musical instruments. You can find many African drums for sale selling at a discount. They even have packages which come with a carrying bag for easy carry and for you to protect it against dust. While there are some cheap models here, there are also some high end ones which will cost you up to $500.

Wwdrums.com - Another specialized site in African drums for sale for you to look at is wwdrums. This site contains some information about purchasing and teaches you how to play them. You can even get accessories for your percussions here.

As you can see, there are quite a few places to buy African drums for sale. These instruments do not only produce great music, but purchasing a handmade one would have such a deep cultural value and also support the community there.