Here's some information if you're looking for a mail order bride from Africa. An increasing number of men are choosing to find a beautiful bride from one of the many African countries. There are increasing numbers of African ladies from countries such as Ghana and Nigeria who like the idea of marrying a man from overseas. Thanks to the Internet it's possible to chat to and email these lovely ladies before meeting them, so it's a lot different to the mail order bride industry of the past.

African Brides - Dating Sites

If you want a bride from Africa then there are a few dating sites you can try out. Just about all dating sites offer free trials so you can sign up, log in and see if you like any of the ladies listed on the site.

The way most dating sites make their money is to charge their members if they want to contact other members. Be wary of dating sites that operate on a pay per email basis - these are wide open to abuse.

Two African dating sites worth a look are Afro Introduction and South African Cupid. Both are managed by Cupid Media, who are one of the better dating site operators out there. Members who sign up to any of their extensive range of dating sites have to submit photographic evidence of their ID. There are good anti-fraud measures in place, but as with all dating sites it's worth being careful with your money and your personal details. South African Cupid is specifically aimed at the South African dating scene. Many of the members either live in South Africa, or are South African expats living in other countries. The site is a multiracial dating site and there are a wide variety of members.

Afrointroduction is one of the most popular black and ebony dating sites. There are a wide range of members from a large number of different countries. As well as members from African countries there are African Americans, a few members from the Caribbean and various European countries.

By the way it's usually worth avoiding free dating websites. All free dating sites are a magnet for both scammers and timewasters. Scammers love free dating sites because they don't need to take out a paid subscription in order to start scamming their victims. Timewasters also like free dating sites and it's highly likely that the biggest users of free dating sites are married people bored with their current partner.

African Mail Order Bride Scams

If you're looking for a bride from Africa then be wary of scammers operating on dating sites. A lot of dating site scammers are actually based in West African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. Global police forces warn that dating fraud is on the increase, so be on your guard.

The best way to avoid dating scammers is to stay away from anyone who asks for money. The most usual frauds start with small sums of money, then move onto larger sums of money.

If you're communicating with somebody you've met on an African dating site then it's always essential to ensure they actually exist. The best way to do this is to have a chat session with them on webcam. Be suspicious of anyone who doesn't want to chat to you on webcam. Don't forget that somebody might send you lots of convincing family snapshots, but a scammer can very easily steal these from a site such as Facebook or Flickr.

So there are an increasing number of dating sites that will help you find an African bride from Africa. Happy dating.