Niche dating sites are very popular. Afro Introduction is one such niche dating site. It caters for anyone interested in finding a partner from Africa. It is also a popular African American dating site. Interracial marriages are on the increase, so sites like Afro Introduction are increasingly popular with people from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

About Afro Introduction

Afro Introduction is run by a company called Cupid Media. They have a wide variety of dating sites, including a lot of sites in the international dating scene.

The site is completely free to join. Unlike other sites there is an unlimited free trial. You can remain a free member forever. However, if you want to contact the other free members then you'll need to join. There are two different levels of membership, Gold and Platinum. It's worth paying the few extra dollars to get Platinum membership. Platinum members get their profiles listed before Gold members, so you get a lot more interest from the other members of the site.

The Afro Introduction dating site has tens of thousands of members. However, not all of the profiles may be active. Although the site is primarily a dating site, the site can also be used to find penpals and more casual relationships. Be sure to specify on your profile the type of relationship you're looking for, otherwise you'll end up being contacted by a lot of timewasters.

Afro Introduction has some great search facilities, and in this respect it is way ahead of most other dating sites, particularly the smaller niche dating sites. Any search you perform can be saved for future use. There are a wide variety of search options, so you can search on the usual parameters like age and location. There are also a number of preset searches so you can see members in your local area, newly registered members etc.

Afro Introduction is available in a range of languages, including English, French, German and (oddly enough) Norwegian.

African Dating Site Scammers

Just a word of warning - Africa is well known for its dating site scammers. There are whole towns and villages in West Africa where the population's biggest economic activity is internet fraud. Countries such as Ghana and Nigeria are particularly affected. Naturally you should take particular care on an African themed website.

Afro Introduction do their best to remove scammers from the site, but very often they can sign up more quickly than they can be blocked. Tips for avoiding the scammers include ignoring any members who haven't uploaded photos of themselves. If you meet somebody you like on the site, then it's a good idea to organise a webcam session with them. That way you get to check that they actually exist and also look like their profile photos.

If you're looking to date a single African professional, then avoid anyone who hasn't paid for full membership of the site. Scammers don't like to pay for membership of the site since it adds to their overheads. Afro Introduction also has a feature whereby members can verify their identity. Again, avoid anyone who hasn't done this.

Alternatives to Afro Introduction include South African Cupid. This site is probably a better option if you're looking exclusively for a partner from South Africa. The site also caters for the many South Africans working overseas who want to hookup with a fellow South African. Cities such as London have large expat communities of South Africans. Caribbean Cupid is another dating site that may be of interest. There are also a few sites run by other operators - another popular black African dating site is Afrika Dating. Of course it's also possible to find Africans and African Americans on sites such as or Plenty More Fish.

So if you're looking for a partner who lives in Africa, then Afro Introduction is well worth checking out. Afro Introduction is completely free to sign up to, so you can give it a test and see if it is a dating site you'd like to use.