While parenthood may absolutely be the most difficult but most wonderful job, you never should give up your married life just to be the perfect parent. Keep in mind that for you to be an effective parent, you have to be a role model and show you can put effort into your marriage in addition to parenting.

Because of intricacies specific to managing time for their children, some couples find it difficult to maintain a healthy love life in their marriage.

There are ways on how you can spice up and improve your marriage to battle the challenges of parenthood:

• Make time for romantic dates with your loved one. Days inside the house minding your children can really be exhausting and you often lack enough time and willingness to venture forth and take a time-out. But at least twice a month, have a leisurely and romantic date to keep the love burning and the excitement between you and your partner. Make it a special couples moment, where it can be a romantic dinner or a picnic for the two of you.

• Schedule a lunch anytime you can. Meals at home can focus on the family, while a scheduled get together over lunch can truly be conducive for a healthy and improving marriage the two of you can work on.

You can make it a luncheon at your husband's cafeteria or bring your own meals to the cafeteria so you can plan for special treats.

It need not be fancy, what is important is that you're sharing a meal together, as a couple.

• Cuddle and talk after the kids have gone to bed. When the children are in bed, sometimes couples go off to sleep as well. But take a few minutes for some quiet but romantic times where you can have the night to solidify your relationship.

• Share daily chores and housework. Do a crossword together. Fold laundry together. Work on the garden together. Sit at the table and calculate your finances together. Take all things you do as a couple as a chance in advancing your household and to support your relationship as well.

As you are giving it your all to be an effective parent and maintain a healthy relationship with your kids, you should also focus on making your marriage the best it can be. All family relationships call for attention and effort from both spouses.

As with all people important to you, you must give the same importance and effort for both.

But most of all, remember first to take care of yourself. By doing this, you will find that being attentive to your relationships will happen much easier. Only by being kind and taking care of daily needs will you unlock ways you can use to grow your most important relationships on a daily basis. Your balance and internal health can really radiate through all members in your home. Cheers to a good and long-lasting marriage and parenthood!