Aftershave Lagerfeld balm for men products are reasonably priced and high quality aftershaves to endure an eloquent scent, and provide a comfortable face from shaving. A good aftershave can be worn like a cologne. Every man requires a good aftershave to provide a pleasant fragrant scent for that significant other in their life. Women obvious love a man who smells desirable. However, how about an aftershave that protects our face from shaving as well? A good aftershave that keeps the skin soft, smooth, and comforting from shaving is just as important. Karl Lagerfeld is the creator of Lagerfeld products. He's was born in Germany, and is a top-notch fashion designer. He's design numerous of menswear clothing and a large collection of fragrance products for both men and women. Karl Lagerfeld has numerous of stores and products all across the world. Their aftershaves are know for their woody fragrant scents for men to wear. Fragrances that are desirable scents and ingredients that help protect the skin.

Why choose Lagerfeld Aftershave products for men?

Langerfeld aftershave products for men use the best ingredients that help to protect the skin from irritation. Some of the common ingredients used are thyme, basil, lavender, grapefruit and mandarin, and sandalwood. Most Lagerfeld aftershaves use woody fragrances for its scent. Sandalwood is in all aftershave products which gives it that woody scent. Women love woody fragrances. It is very appealing to their noses. So if you're really trying to make a hit with a lady friend, then woody fragrances are where its at in providing a desirable scent. Lagerfeld scents are some of the best fragrances out on the market. There are some cheap but quality aftershave Karl Lagerfeld products to choose from.

An aftershave shouldn't be an overpowering scent. Too strong of a scent can be a complete turn off. Karl Lagerfeld scents provide just enough of a scent to be noticed within a short distance. Aftershaves are available in balms, lotions, or splashes. I always preferred balm aftershaves personally. Sprays and splashes cause instant irritation and burn more at first when applying to the face. However, both Lagerfeld balm or spraying aftershavers are desirable aftershaves for men. All males can use Lagerfeld aftershaves products. Lagerfeld products shouldn't cause irritation, skin allergen, or cause acne breakouts.

Aftershave Lagerfeld Balm Products for men to buy online

Lagerfeld Classic After Shave Balm Karl - It's harder to find this Lagerfeld aftershave balm for men product, however there are a few sites online that sell the Lagerfeld Classic After Balm for men. On some sites it can be a very expensive aftershave balm product to buy. Some of the key ingredients included are basil, sandalwood, sage, musk, grey amber, opoponax, benzoin, jacaranda wood, verbena, and heart notes of nubuck leather. It's a woody fragrance scent for men. The 5 ounce classic balm is available online for a really reasonable price at for just $27 dollars. You won't find a better price than that for the Classic Lagerfeld balm aftershave.

Lagerfeld Photo After Shave Balm - The photo after shave was introduced in 1990, and it contains fragrances of bergamot, thyme, coriander, mandarin, and sandalwood. Ingredients that provide a pleasant fragrant scent for men. The scent can last 11-15 hours. It is classified as a sharp and spicy scent. It contains essential oils and vitamins that work to replenish the skin. The photo balm after shave tightens skin pores and prevents any breakouts. Those with sensitive skin who are prone to breakouts, nicks, and razor burns will appreciate this after shave. It's a good aftershave that keeps your skin healthy, protected, and provides you with a pleasant scent. You can buy online at They balm Lagerfeld aftershaves are harder to find online. They're cheaper priced products as well. There are a large portion of the photo splash/cologne aftershaves online as well at amazon, strawberryNEt, and

Jako for Men By Lagerfeld After Shave Balm - The Jako for Men Lagerfeld product was introduced in 1997. If you're looking for a more modern cologne/aftershave for men, then the Jako is more sophisticated for today's generation of men. Both young and older men can use this aftershave. It contains essential oils of grapefruit, rosewood, a clove of ginger, and sandalwood. This aftershave is anti-inflammatory where it can instantly treat razor burn, nicks, and cuts that comes from shaving. It's a very easy Lagerfeld aftershave for men to find online. It stays true to Lagerfeld's oriental woody fragrance. You can buy the 4.2 oz Lagerfeld balm aftershave online at rich,, and It's a very reasonable priced aftershave that costs about $10 dollars at these places.