Agatha's Feather Bed: Not Just Another Wild Goose Story

The PERFECT Read for Children and Adults, for Pleasure or Business


Who does not love a delightful story?  As a former primary teacher and someone working with teachers in staff development sessions for years, it is understandable that I love children’s books.  An excellent children’s book transcends the need for a great messaGoosege to children and adults alike. What adult does not love Chris Van Allsburg’s  Polar Express and see the splendor in the message of believing? 

After years of reading children’s books, there is one title that stands out as my all-time favorite.  The publisher of the book, Peachtree Press, is a smaller publishing house, relatively speaking.  The book is Agatha’s Feather Bed:  Not Just Another Wild Goose Story. Oh how I love this book and recommend it for personal and business applications!

Carmen Agra Deedy, the author, spins a tale  loved by readers of all ages.  Agatha, the central character, owns a fabric store and lives in a cozy apartment above the business.  Perhaps the reason Agatha chose to own a fabric shop is that she  delights in the origins of all the wonderful fabrics.  She loves to recite a poem to curious children who enter her shop.  The poem relays the notion that every product originates from somewhere.  Cotton comes from the cotton plant. Silk of course owes its existence to the marvel of the silk worm.  Who knew glass originated as sand? Agatha buys a new feather bed, only to be awakened in the middle of the night by a gaggle of incensed, goose-bump-covered, naked GEESE!  Their feathers of course are in the new feather bed purchased by Agatha, and they want them back!  They have listened in as she recites the poem that everything comes from something. Agatha, being creative, figures out a great solution as the charming tale spins. The story is full of delicious puns. Sydney, the goose in charge of the angry gaggle, assures Agatha that they are not just a bunch of “quacks.”  The geese, perturbed when staying at the “downtown hotel,” announce that the last thing they need is another “bill.”    Just thinking of this story is enough to make me smile.

This book speaks to people of all ages.  The pictures are beautiful, so even the smallest child enjoys it. Adults delight and giggle when reading or hearing the tale and the puns skipping by.  The potential applications and uses in the adult business world live too.  Consider a few personal and business uses of a great children's book.


1.    Agatha’s Feather Bed makes the perfect gift for child and adult alike. It is just a delightful read and deserves a spot on every bookshelf.

2.    Accompanied by a new feather pillow or anything made of down, it is a party-stopper-great gift.  The participant enjoys a rich, delightful account of the frustrated geese and  remembers them each time he or she uses the pillow.    A cozy feeling pops into my mind just thinking about it.

3.    To show how much I adore this title, my thoughts are that a focus on the title would make for the perfect winter party, all based on the adventures of Agatha and the angry geese.  The party would present deviled eggs, a guessing game based on the origin of household products used in the course of the party, and a few other quacking-good ideas.

Business Use

Yes, I have solicited Agatha and her tale to help with a business meeting.  Every speaker knows that getting audience attention is crucial.  What better way could that happen than sharing a few pictures from Agatha’s Feather Bed and then telling the story? The audience relaxes and knows that this is not just another humdrum meeting.  What is the link to business? Contemplate the connections waiting to materialize.

  • Perhaps the company is “paying back” the community in some way through sponsorships, community service, etc.  Agatha fits the “bill” perfectly. The story is all about giving back.
  • On a broader scale, often a corporation asks for employee advice and urges employee creativity. Take a gander at Agatha’s Feather Bed.  Agatha's solution for the angry geese, covered in goose bumps and missing their feathers, was perfect.  Creativity forms a topic in the tale. 
  • An organization might be asking employees to recycle.  Agatha’s Feather Bed gives me goose bumps on the proper connections made on that one!
  • Negotiation in sales might be a strength promoted by the company.  All can take a gander at Sydney, the head goose, to learn a bit about negotiation.  The solution was amicable to all parties in the end.

In case the reader is wondering, Carmen Agra Deedy has written an impressive list of books including; 14 Cows for America, The Yellow Star:  The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark, Marina the Beautiful Cockroach, The Secret of Old Zeb, The Library Dragon (which has a doll available), and  Treeman.  I have the other titles and cherish them, but a significant, warm  place stays in my heart for Agatha’s Feather Bed. I have reserved my pre-publication copy of her next book, The Cheshire Cat:  A Dickens of a Tale. Something tells me that will be a formidable one!

Agatha’s Feather Bed: Not Just Another Wild Goose Story  has been around for a while.  There is both enjoyable and distressing news in that. Initially it was just available as a hardback book.  Children’s books can go in and out of print quickly almost like Broadway musicals.  The title stayed in print and published as a paperback making for a lower price. The publication is available in Spanish now. The potentially distressing news is that I do worry about the title going out of print as it has been around for a bit.  I certainly hope for a long publication life  as “destined to be a classic” is an apt description of this treasure of a tale.  Enjoy!