If an employee experiences a hostile work environment because of the discriminatory or offensive actions and remarks from his boss and co-employees, what is the best thing he should do? Seeking legal advice may be the best way to deal with these kinds of situation. An experienced and aggressive discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles would be the best ally against the responsible parties.

After hiring an attorney, the next thing he should do is ask employment agencies for help. There are a number of employment agencies and institutions that offer protection to discriminated and harassed employees. Some of them include:

  • Department of Labor (DOL) – The DOL is the federal labor agency that ensures fairness and equality at work. It also protects employees from adverse actions taken by their employers.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – The EEOC is another federal agency which prohibits any form of discrimination in the workplace.
  • Wage and Hour Division (WHD) – The WHD ensures that employers provide the right amount of salary to their workers. It also requires company owners to give meal and rest breaks to their employees.
  • National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) – It is the agency responsible for addressing the concerns of labor unions and organizations by holding regular meetings with union heads.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – OSHA provides safety standards to companies and work environments. It makes sure that employees would not get injured at work.

The employee would just need to choose among the agencies that can handle his complaint. And because he experiences discrimination, the EEOC would be the best agency for the job. Here are some of the steps he should take to make a successful harassment and discrimination claim:

  • Gathering of evidence against the liable parties
  • Looking for other discrimination victims in his company
  • Preparing for a court trial

Once he has submitted the evidence, the EEOC will conduct its own investigation regarding the complaint. If it finds viable evidence of the defendant's employment violations, it would file a discrimination lawsuit against it in behalf of the complainant.

If the employee wins the dispute case, he would be entitled to receive compensation from the other party. Some of the awards he would get include payment for legal fees, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Meanwhile, his Los Angeles labor lawyer would come in handy in making sure that he gets the right amount of compensation.