Agility Ladder Workouts
For athletes looking for an intense workout that addresses multiple muscle groups and the cardiovascular system, agility ladder workouts could be the answer. Agility training will not only work the body, but the mind as well. It is a challenging test of coordination and endurance.

Many athletes may find themselves reaching a plateau when it comes to their fitness. When the body becomes adjusted to the workout routine, results will not longer be seen. Therefore, from time to time any training must be adjusted. By incorporating some agility ladder workouts into one's current cardiovascular and weight training regimen, the body will be challenged and forced to develop new muscles.

For agility ladder workouts, one needs a rope ladder and some space. Wear loose clothing that will allow movement. Also be sure to have on high quality shoes. Running shoes will work great. It is important to be properly hydrated ahead of time. It is also a good idea to have water on hand.

One great workout is called Fast Feet. One starts at one end of the ladder with the feet together, facing the opposite end of the ladder. Rising onto the balls of the feet, take a fast step into the space between the rungs of the ladder. The next step is taken with the opposite foot performing the same motion, stepping into the same space. The first foot repeats the move, stepping into the next slot. Essentially, one is making fast and agile steps down the ladder, stepping between the rungs. Be sure to do this motion on the balls of the feet. Incorporate the arms by swinging them up with each step. This workout can be repeated until the athlete is no longer able to perform it correctly.
Agility Ladder- What it Looks Like (22194)
The next ladder exercise incorporates the same motion. It is called Lateral Fast Feet. The main difference is the starting position. One still begins at one end of the ladder, however they begin facing forward. Instead of moving straight down the ladder, an athlete will move sideways. Use the same footwork, and incorporate the arms in the same manner.

In order to get the most out of the agility ladder workouts, they must be performed quickly. Start out at a comfortable pace. Build up speed as the workouts become easier to coordinate.

Agility ladder workouts are a great addition to any workout. They incorporate the entire body, strengthening both muscles and cardiovascular fitness. For an intense and challenging workout, incorporate some ladder workouts today!