Who Do We Idolize?

The film industry has always seemed to appeal to the consumer in a very steady pattern when it comes to action films. The main character was always somewhat relatable, very handsome and muscular. But the main attribute given to these stars were that they were young. It is only now that the trend has come where the main role in an action film is given to and older celebrity. While these celebrities were once the young handsome superstars of the explosions and car chase filled movies, you have to wonder why they are still being chosen even after their prime.

The Expendables
Credit: Google images

A Different Turn in Film

As we see movies such as The Expendables, Taken and Jack Reacher hit the cinema with the stars being +50 years of age, it is obvious that people enjoy this new wave of entertainment. The step that Hollywood is taking consists of an old tactic that has never been implemented into film until now. The tactic is very succesful and the people enjoying the films are not even aware of it. the Reason why these films are so popular is because the audience looks at these stars as normal human beings and not a superhuman with perfect genes. This relates to the propaganda used in politics in a way. Only the type of propaganda has changed from "beautiful people", to "the common man". Meaning that people like to watch an average person integrate themselves into being a hero. It gives them an exhilarating assurance that they are also capable of such things. But the thing to note is, is that these people regardless of age are actors as well. Just because they are older does not mean you should try to partake in any vigilante justice any time soon. Jokes aside this new breed in film is definitely becoming a huge part of pop culture. Also with many films of the same kind coming out in the near future such as the fifth instalment of the Terminator series(rumored to star Arnold Schwarzenegger at age 65), it is clear to see that it will stay a long running theme.