This just in: aging baby boomers are still top dogs. Seriously though, you've got to hand it to baby boomers. They did great during their working years to make the economy flourish, they witnessed the transition between the industrial age and the digital age, adapted and kicked ass. Many CEOs of today are aging baby boomers. In the not so distant past, when you were sixty years old you were considered ancient, with your best days behind you. General progress in the quality of life, medicine and social attitudes have changed all this. What we now got is plenty of aging baby boomers who feel great, look great and are in no way ready to call it a day. This has fueled many industries relying on this desire to live life to the fullest by this age group with serious spending power.

Many aging baby boomers have no intention of retiring. Those that do have no intention to live a typical retirement of days of yore: stay at home and don't do much. No, baby boomers now want action, they want to travel the world, play sports, go see plays, short, they want to have a good time! Granted all is not rosy for aging baby boomers. They are often the first to be given the boot at the company, especially if they are not in a senior managerial position. This can be stressful for them as it messes with their retirement plan and puts a strain on their finances. Once downsized, finding an employer can be very hard as few are willing to hire them, it's fair to say there is a bit of a stigma there. Things are slowly changing though but as of right now, this is true. Thankfully with the advent of the Internet, aging baby boomers can find ways to set up Internet businesses and offer their expertise online, where there is less of a stigma and age don't matter so much. In fact it's funny but with consultancy age is rather an advantage than a disadvantage, people perceiving you as more experienced.

Like mentioned before, aging baby boomers have fueled many industries with their aspirations of leading a fulfilling life. One area I have in mind in particular is the cosmetics industry. Baby boomers, ok I am going to generalize a bit here, on the whole are trying to ward off the signs of aging anyway they can be it by exercising, eating better and above all using cosmetic products and even cosmetic surgery. As I type this I cannot help but have Sylvester Stallone in mind. I mean, baring the strange perky eyebrows the guy looks good for his age. Ok, maybe Stallone is not a perfect example as there are doubts as how natural is physique is however is a good example of the desire of aging baby boomers to look good...keep on rocking guys.