Agua Bendita Swimwear has some great new bikini and swimwear designs available for 2011. Agua Bendita has been continually adding to their lineup for 2011, and as always a wide variety of bikinis and swim wear are available. Agua Bendita Swimwear is not cheap department store swimwear, these are expensive swim suits. Consider these the Lamborghini of the swim wear world. If you want to stand out at the beach or pool then you need an Agua Bendita bikini or swimsuit. Agua Bendita always finishes off their swim wear manufacturing by hand sewing on embellishments.

Most Aqua Bendita run smaller than other traditional swimsuit makers. The sizes available for most of the swimsuits are small, medium, and large. If you need something bigger than you will have to find a different maker of luxury bikinis and swimwear.

Bendita Realeza

The Bendita Realeza bikini had beaded detailing. The Bendita Realeza is a Brazilian cut rear. If you want a top of the line bikini for 2011 then the Bendita Realeza is a great choice.

Bendito Palace

The Bendito Palace is a gorgeous bikini. The Bendito Palace has more coverage than the Brazilian cut of the Bendita Realeza. The Bendito Palace features contrasting embellishment son the left and right breast of the bikini. The Bendito Palace retails for around $260.00 and is available in sizes small, medium, and large. The Bendito Palace is one of the best looking bikinis ever made.

Bendita Tie

The Bendita Tie bikini features a detachable add-on that ruins form the top of the bikini down to the bottom. The Bendita Tie is a very sexy bikini.

Bendito Muffin

This Bendito Muffin bikini features a lot of hand sewn beadwork and other embellishments. The neckline also features fringe beading that was added by hand. The bottom and top of this bikini feature a matching print. If you want a traditional looking bikini print, yet one that obviously stands out from the crowd with the hand sewn beading, then you need a Bendito Muffin bikini.

Bendito Santo

This Bendito Santo is the top of the line swimsuit from one of the most luxurious swimsuit makers in the world. The Bendito Santo has a Demi-Bandeau top style. It is a fine line between lingerie and a bikini, but definitely a swimsuit. The 2011 Bendito Santo will cost you about $356.00, but if you want to look the best, then you need the best.

Bendita Feria

The Bendita Feria is a single piece swimsuit that is very modern. If you want an exotic and sexy looking single piece swimsuit, then the Bendita Feria is the choice of many beautiful women around the world who can afford some of the finer luxuries in life such as expensive swimsuits.

2011 Aqua Bendita

The 2011 collection of Aqua Bendita bikinis and swimwear feature many other models of swimwear, but the swimsuits listed above are among the top choices for 2011 Aqua Bendita swimwear. Aqua Bendita has been making high quality swimwear for a long time, and the tradition of fine swimwear continues with the 2011 Aqua Bendita swimwear line.