Mexico is an excellent country for those of us who love bass fishing. The country, located south of the United States has plenty of lakes and spots to choose from. A favorite one is Lake Agua Milpa, you'll see why.

Agua Milpa is a 70,000 acre lake that started receiving people back in '97. This is a heavily preferred lake not only because it is excellent for fishing but also because it is one of the most easily accessible lakes in the country. It can be easily reached after a 3 hour trip from Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta.

The lake is located in a beautiful spot where you are surrounded by mountains, green from the tropical foliage. The lake is popular for its large bassmouth fro 2 1/2 of up to 10 pounds! The aggressive bassmouth fishes are indeed very interesting!

The Agua Milpa lodge is located near the lake that offers the best accommodation you can expect in your fishing trip to Mexico. The view is well, breathtaking, but that is something you can't really put in an article, that is also great part why it is one of the top Mexico bass fishing locations!

By the way, to complement the excellent fishing, the restaurant in the lodge offers delicious Mexican food that will surely keep your belly happy!

The lodge over at Agua Milpa offers a package per person that includes 4 nights of lodging and 3 days to go fishing, the price currently for this package is $1250 per person. You have to add that the costs of getting to Mexico and to the lodge itself. For someone this may seem somewhat pricey, but I think it is totally worth it and you'll agree with me when go there.

The fishing season in Agua Milpa starts in September and ends in June, so you better plan ahead your times, in general is a big period of time you can use to go and find the biggest bassmouth fish you've ever seen. Don't forget to bring on your raincoat, as rain falls occasionally at this beautiful fishing spot.

This is a top spot for anglers in the World, and you have to take this into account if you plan to go with someone who is not an angler. Mainly because there are not many activities they can enjoy if they are not into bass fishing. The capacity for the lodge is 20 anglers.