Ahsahka is located in Clearwater County and is near Orofino Idaho. Ahsahka is a small community. According to the 2000 census Ahsahka has a population of only 131 people.

The area contains the Dent Bridge. The Dent Bridge was needed to allow traffic to get from Ahsahka to Elk River. In fact the Dent Bridge allowed traffic from the Orofino side of the Clearwater River.

Dworshak Dam is also near Ahsahka. Dworshak Dam should definitely be on your to do list when in the area. Dworshak Dam is the 3rd highest Dam in the United States. Make sure you stop by the Dworshak Dam Visitor Center. The Army Corp of Engineers has recently earmarked 17 million dollars for work on the Dworshak Dam.

Recently ReserveAmerica ranked Dent Acres Campground in the top 50 of family campgrounds with the best fishing. The Dent Acres Campground has 50 sites and is operated by the National Forest Service.

In 2008 on Christmas Eve the North Fork Indian Presbyterian Church in Ahsahka burned down. The building was over a hundred years old. Volunteers are building a new church right now that will be open this summer.

Ahsaka also has one of the largest steelhead trout hatcheries in the world. The Dworshak National Fish Hatchery releases 2 million steelhead and 1 million Chinook salmon each year.

If you visit Ahsaka Idaho then make sure you take a look at "The High Country Inn". "The High Country Inn" is a bed and breakfast. "The High Country Inn" also offers private cabins. Many events can be held at the "The High Country Inn" including weddings, corporate retreats, family reunions, and any other type of event you need. The "The High Country Inn" also has high speed internet available so you can still keep in touch with the world of you want to.

Ahsahka is a beautiful small town in Idaho with many trees, great fishing, excellent camping, and a huge Dam to visit. Mountain biking, hiking, and a friendly small town atmosphere. Thats what Ahsahka Idaho is all about.