We all know the dangers of smoking yet it is a very difficult addiction to give up. There are a number of aids available to help you quit the unhealthy habit. Some methods may work well for one individual while it may not work for another smoker. Each technique has a different effect on the smoker. Here are some popular aids to stop smoking.

Nicotine replacement therapy or NRT delivers nicotine through patches, lozenges, gums or inhalers. This therapy replaces nicotine normally obtained from cigarettes or other tobacco products. Not only is nicotine a very addictive substance but the withdrawal symptoms are difficult to control. NRT provides a steady dose of nicotine to the body but is less dangerous than smoking.

Meditation is proving to be another popular choice to help smokers kick the habit. Many have found positive results with meditation, which helps immensely, as it calms the individual especially when experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Meditation includes a series of deep breathing exercises while using mental images to calm the senses. Sometimes repeating a chant or mantra, is used to calm one's senses as well.

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy where thin needle are placed throughout the body and stimulated to relieve withdrawal symptoms from smoking. This ancient Chinese alternative therapy is painless and has minimal side effects.

Zyban or bupropion is a prescription medication that aids the brain to fight off any nicotine craving chemicals. This medication is also an antidepressant with some side effects, so be sure to consult a general physician before beginning to take this drug.

False cigarettes is another aid used to stop smoking. This method is extremely useful when your body is anxious because one can not hold onto a cigarette anymore. It replaces the action or sensation of holding onto a cigarette without having to inhale the dangerous chemicals involved in smoking.

Hypnotherapy is another popular alternative used when conventional methods are not successful. This therapy works with the mind's conscious and subconscious level. It can be learned or self taught using tapes and guides. Here one learns to calm the mind and free it from any withdrawal cravings.

For some smokers a personal event will open their eyes and cause them to quit smoking. It may be a close friend or family member who has a smoking related illness such as lung cancer that makes them look at their own lifestyle and finally make that change.

Whatever method you use to quit smoking remember to complete the program and stay committed.