If you are a web content writer, you will definitely pay attention to the number of page views generated to your articles.

There are many writers with more than a million page views to their articles. If you want some examples of these writers, you can check out Ezinearticles and Associated Content. You can even find writers with more than 10 million page views.

For the rest of us, aiming for the first million page views is our secret goal.

How do you get a million page views?

1. Write

You must write a few thousand articles. Those writers with at least a million page views have more than a thousand articles.

If you have only 100 articles online, it is nearly impossible to get a million page views. Most of us hardly have articles that draw in 20,000 page views.

If you are new to web content writing, you may find that your articles generate just 100 page views within a week. If you do not even promote the articles, each article may generate less than a hundred page views in a month.

2. Promotion

You need to promote extensively when you are new to online writing. Your friends and relatives do not even know that you can write.

That is why promotion is crucial.

You can promote online and offline. You can get your friends and relatives to forward the url of your content.

3. Backlinks

The quantity and quality of backlinks are important.

If a lot of websites are linking to your articles, that means your articles are important. The search engines will display your articles in the first page of the search result page.

The problem is that other websites do not even know the existence of your articles. You need to get the backlinks.

You can use forum discussion, blog commenting and social bookmaking methods to create backlinks to your articles.

Why must you aim for a million page views?

You probably hope to make money out of your articles. If you are using Google Adsense to monetize your articles, you will find a strong correlation between page views and income.

If your click through rate is 2%, that means every 100 page views generate 2 clicks. If each click earns 20 cents for you, you will earn 40 cents for every 100 page views.

How much can you earn with a million page views? You will earn a princely sum of $4,000.

The best part about online writing is that the articles will continue to earn passive income indefinitely. The only time when the articles stop earning is when the websites close down. In this case, you can publish the articles in some other websites to continue earning.

Are you writing your way to a million page views? You need to write continuously for a few years to get the first million page views.

Once you get the first million page views, you will find that writing becomes so much a part of your life. It is so easy and natural to write articles. You cannot imagine life without writing.

Do not give up on the goal of getting the first million page views. You can succeed if you want to.