If you notice on TV and in magazines that many women have that perfect even skin tone that seems to hide all imperfections when advertising makeup that is because it has been air brushed on.

Air brushing is a great way to lay a light even coat of foundation on your face and it can also be used for blush and even eye shadow.  If you have visions of a car being painted with a large fogging of paint, then you need to take a look at the latest in air brush makeup kits, you might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use this system.

They have long been used by professionals for models to look their best, but you can do this yourself at home.  If you love applying foundations and blush and all makeup then this is a great alternative to your traditional way.

By using this system, you will not need to use brushes or sponges; it is actually a very sanitary way to do your beauty routine.  I always envisioned a lot of waste by applying it this way but in fact you only use a few drops of product.  There is no caking or smudging, and it does not fog the entire room or your clothes. 

It is a very focused air brush that gives your skin that even tone.  The Dinair air brush makeup kits come with everything you need.  It even comes with a special product to give your finished skin that polished dewy look that the professionals use.

The only con to this product is that you have to make sure you clean it right away.  It is fast and simple to do; you simply pour a few drops of the cleaner in the gun and quickly spray a paper towel or something to clear it out especially between different applications, but it is important.

You start by using your concealer under your eyes or any spots you want to cover, and then simply add the foundation drops and turn on the little compressor and start applying it.  You start with light even layers and build up until you are happy.  (check out the video below to see it in use)

Airbrush Makeup Kit Dinair PRO EDITION, 8 Makeup Colors/Shades Salon Quality CHAMPAGNE SILVER-COMPRESSOR - MEDIUM COMPLEXION
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(price as of Jul 2, 2014)
you get everything you need to do a professional job in this kit.

Using this system instead of your fingers is a great way to get it evenly all over your face without caking or smudging.  Once you are satisfied with the foundation then you can move on to the blush.  You may want to spend a bit of time practicing with it.  Once you get the hang of it, you can also use this machine to do spray on tanning or even spraying highlights in your hair.

This is a professional kit, and you will get professional results.  When I first saw one I envisioned having to wear all kinds of protection from the spray that would come out.  But it is very focused and very fine and you are in complete control of how much product you want on your skin.

I know at the hair salon I go to that they use this brand of air brush makeup kits for their clients especially for wedding party makeup. 

So if you want to get that even skin tone or have the look of natural beauty by evening out your skin tone then using an air brush is one of the best ways to get that effect.  You fingers, sponges and brushes just can’t match the way this goes on your skin.