There is absolutely no doubt that exercise is an important part of looking after both our fitness levels and controlling our weight. With the Air Climber we can do both in about the safest possible way.

This is because so many forms of exercise, such as jogging and the use of treadmills can have a very negative impact on our bodies. With the new Air Climber Stepper we can get extremely fit and also if you read many Air Climber Reviews you will see just how low impact the machine is. The fact that we are exercising via a system that ensures we get zero harsh impact on our joints means we get all the health benefits without risking damaging our tendons and ligaments which can be very easy to do with many other forms of exercise.

This means that we can get fit and not risk injury whilst doing so. The system is very simple to use and it can really give you an intense workout without too much time being taken. What those who own the Air Climber all seem to agree upon is the fact that it is a very good size. It is small enough and portable enough to be moved to any location and you can even exercise with it in the fresh air in the garden or anywhere in the home, including in front of the tv.

The beauty of the system is that the pressure is totally adjustable and this means that you can have a nice easy workout more akin to a brisk walk or you can up the pressure and have an intense workout that will work the whole body really hard. An ideal piece of equipment for anyone who is fed up with high Gym membership fess or simply prefers to exercise in the comfort of their own homes as and when they feel like it.

When compared to other similar product sit comes out very favorably and we can see why. Portable, very effective and at a very reasonable price it is sure to be your favorite piece of exercise equipment. And the fact that it is simple yet a very interesting way to keep fit and lose weight means that you will not get bored and can simply do a few minutes as and when you feel like it. All in all this is an ideal piece of exercise equipment for those with limited space or who simply wish to exercise in a slightly different manner to the norm.