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No one wants air conditioner problems on a hot day but these things do happen.  It is important to know a little bit about what can go wrong so that one is prepared in the event the air conditioning unit in his or her home is not working properly.  Air conditioner problems can require a simple fix such as changing a filter or cleaning the coils on the outside unit or they can be more costly and involve a repairman or even require new duct work or in the worst cases a new air conditioning unit.  For those who would like to have some basic information at their disposal here is a list of 5 of the more common air conditioner problems:

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1. Ice is built up on the lines outside or on the inside unit at the coil.  This will mean little to no airflow and the unit will run continuously.  This is often caused by a lack of maintenance on the owner’s part.  A filter change needs to occur once a month, more often if for any reason a filter gets especially dirty.  This is absolutely important in homes with pets as often filters need more frequent changing.  This problem is also caused by low refrigerant levels, a dirty evaporator, dirt or other objects blocking the air flow in the outside unit, or a bad blower.

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2. The outside fan will not work. This can be serious and if the air conditioning is continually run like this serious damage to the compressor can result. This can be caused by many things and is one of the common air conditioner problems.  An animal may have chewed a wire or weather may have caused a part to rust or corrode.  There may be a faulty circuit breaker that needs to be replaced. There can be any number of mechanical defects that can also cause this issue.

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3. The air conditioner is leaking water inside the home.  This is an incredibly common issue among the many possible air conditioning problems a homeowner faces.  This can take place when the unit freezes up and ice forms and can be indicative of the problems in the section of this article on ice buildup.  It can also mean a rather expensive repair will be needed because a part known as the evaporator coil is not functioning.  Most importantly it can mean a clog in the drain or drain line that carries the condensation outdoors this is relatively common and can often be fixed by the homeowner cleaning the area where the water is supposed to drain to or by cleaning out the, generally plastic pipe, that carries water to the outdoors.

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4. The air conditioner runs constantly even on days that are not excessively or abnormally hot.  This is often the result of a unit being low on refrigerant.  Should this be the case it is very important to have the unit checked for a refrigerant leak as low coolant is generally only caused by a leak happening somewhere along the way.  Another cause of air conditioning problems lie this is the fact that attic air, which is remarkably hot compared to the rest of the home is being pulled into the warm air return of the unit.  If this is the case, the problem can be solved by making repairs to that area of the duct work.

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5. The circuit breaker trips often when the unit is running.  This is the indication that there is one of several possible air conditioning problems occurring.  A contact may be faulty, a breaker may need to be replaced, there may be a short in the system or the compressor may need to be replaced or grounded.  In any event, these and other repairs can be handled by a reputable professional trained and licensed to deal with air conditioner problems.