As summer temperatures soar, so does your energy bill. Your air conditioning in Austin consists of about half of that bill, so increasing its efficiency can substantially reduce your monthly expenses. Following are some of the ways to do just that.


One of the lesser known ways of increasing efficiency of a split unit air conditioner is to shade the outdoor unit. Your system basically sucks the hot air out of your home and transports it outside, replacing the indoor air with cool air. If the sun is beating down on the outside unit, then your system will be unable to get rid of very much heat. This means that your system will have to work harder to cool your air, which in turn makes your energy bill go up.


Your thermostat is the brain of the operation, so making sure that the readings are accurate is essential to keeping your system running at peak efficiency. In order to ensure that the thermostat is reading the correct temperature for your home, make sure that all heat producing items are kept a safe distance away. This includes things like lamps, televisions, microwaves, or anything else that will kick off heat that can throw the readings.


Fans are a great way to help improve airflow and circulation. Your system can use its internal fans to do this, but it costs much more energy than running a ceiling or floor fan. The moving air also helps you feel cooler, so you may be able to run your system at a warmer temperature and still remain comfortable.


Your air conditioning in Austin has to fight the heat to keep you cool, but you can greatly assist that process by not allowing as much heat to enter your home. An easy way to accomplish this is to draw your blinds during the day and block out the sunlight. If you are opposed to this, then you may want to consider purchasing an insulating film or screen for your windows to help block that unwanted heat without hindering the light.


The ducts in your home may be wasting some of the cool air your AC generates. Over time, they can develop holes and lose connections. If your system is over five years old, it may be time to do a duct check to make sure the air is going where it should. You can also check to make sure that they are balanced, which basically means that the same amount of air is making it to every room in your home.


Maintaining your AC system is another very important way you can reduce the cost of your energy bill. While it may seem like a chunk of change that you would rather not spend, maintenance can save you money in more ways than one. First, it keeps your system running at peak efficiency, which reduces your monthly bill. Efficiency reduces wear and tear, which decreases the need for repairs and extends the life of your unit. Air conditioners cost plenty to replace, so keeping it running well for as long as possible is a great way to save yourself from having to spend money on a premature system failure.


If you want more specific ways to increase the energy in your home, then you would be wise to get an energy audit. Many times these are offered as a free service and they can help you pinpoint areas in your home that are leaking energy. This includes everything from areas that are letting in heat to items that are consuming energy even when they are not in use. An energy audit means that you will know exactly what to do in your home to reduce your energy bill.


Don't let the electric company call all the shots. Take control of your bill and find ways to conserve energy on your air conditioning in Austin today.