The United States Air Force may be the newest of the armed force branches, but it has one of the oldest challenge coin traditions. Air Force challenge coins are a great way to celebrate these flying heroes. The first challenge coins were issued back when the Air Force was still considered a part of the Army and was operating as the Air Service Division. The earliest tokens remain some of the most collected. Since the official spin-off of the Air Force in 1947, there have been hundreds if not thousands of coins issued for collectors. The cross-appeal for Air Force challenge coins is tremendous due to the popularity of the aircraft among aviation enthusiasts. Many non-military collectors seek out coins of famous fighters and bombers. Air Force challenge coins definitely deliver something for everyone.

Air Force Challenge Coins - Aircraft

The aircraft of the USAF is one of the hottest collecting niches in military challenge coins. The famous planes and the men who fly them are truly a part of national culture and pride. The B-52 Bomber, B-2 Stealth Bomber, F-15 Eagle, and F-16 Fighting Falcon are just some of the legendary planes that have served the Air Force and are popular challenge coin themes. Helicopters are also popular with the Iroquois, Osprey and Pave Hawk being very popular. Future challenge coins will surely feature more and more unmanned aircraft as well since ships like the Sentinel, Hawk and Predator are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Much like Navy challenge coins, the Air Force is represented fully on tokens dedicated to these war machines.

Air Force Challenge Coins - Personnel tokens

The earliest Air Force related tokens are highly sought after with many of the earliest squadrons being particularly valuable. The service men are represented on many coins by rank and insignia. One of the most popular collectibles is a challenge coin given to the "Bulldogs". This group of men were the tail gunners in B-52 Bombers. Since the phaseout of this position in the early 90s the desirability of these coins has increased greatly. There are other tokens dedicated to service groups and even outfits like the Air Force Band and the legendary Air Force Thunderbirds.

Air Force Challenge Coin

Air Force Challenge Coins - Slogans and creeds

The famous "Aim High" slogan has appeared on custom challenge coins and the newest one "Above All" is being circulated as well. The core values of the USAF make popular token themes with creeds like: "Integrity first", "Service before self" and "Excellence in all we do" all inspirational coins.

For the last 60 plus years, the Air Force has established itself as one of the most respected fighting units in the entire military world. The range of Air Force challenge coins demonstrates this rich tradition. From the earliest days in the Air Service branch to today's high tech fighting force, there is something for every collector in the world of air force challenge coins. Along with the early Air Force themed army challenge coins, a collector can spend as much or as little money as he likes to celebrate our flying heroes. These handsome tokens will make great gifts for soldiers or former soldiers and are a handsome item to display. There are coins available for every branch from navy challenge coins to marine challenge coins to the heroes of the Air Force and U.S. Army. A truly great tradition.