UV Home Air Sanitizer

Features Of The Air Health UV Home Air Sanitizer:

With the rapid growing awareness of the importance of whole body health, naturally there is a specific importance placed on the most basic elements of life- water and air.  Water purification has become easy and effective, however basic air sanitation still has had its inconveniences, inconsistencies and limitations before the introduction of the air health UV home air sanitizer.  Traditional air purifiers use the physical presence of a layered material, or carbon filter to actually remove the unhealthy contaminates from the air.  This poses a problem because when a filter has reached its capacity, it is no longer removing contaminants from the air.  In fact, an over used air purifier can actually place unwanted particles back into the air supply if it goes unattended for long periods of time.   

The solution is a system that is at least equally or more effective than traditional air purifiers, but requires little or no maintenance.  Air Health UV home air sanitizers utilize the power of ultraviolet light to destroy airborn contaminates rather than try and collect them.  By altering their structure at the most basic micro organism level, contaminates do not need to be removed from your families air.  There are a number of “night light” sized UV air sanitizers, and whole room tower air sanitizers, however Air Health UV home air sanitizers are installed directly into your heating and air ducts, which sanitize the entire air supply of your house, not just one room.  

Benefits Of Air Health UV Home Air Sanitizers:

Kills Airborn Bacteria - Killing over 99% of airborn bacteria, air health UV home air sanitizers effortlessly keep your homes air free from unhealthy contaminates.  Unlike traditional air purification systems which are limited by the capacity of their filters, UV air sanitizers work year round, nearly maintenance free.

Odor Fighting - Air Health UV home air sanitizers also help to remove the odors caused by mildew, tobacco, pets, or any other deep penetrating aromas.  Another benefit of UV sanitizers is the fact that they actually help to destroy mold spores which is how they effectively remove their odorous remains.

Silent Operation - Using the power of your homes air conditioning or heating system, Air Health UV home air sanitizers direct “in duct” installation means you never have to see or hear your air purifier again.  Rather than using energy sucking, and noisy air inducting fans like many air purifiers, UV air sanitizers work silently to treat your air.