Air hockey has been around since the early 1970's invented by employees of the Brunswick Billiards company. The first air hockey table ever actually had a converted doorbell on it to signal a goal. Fortunate for us air hockey has come a long way. One thing that hasn't changed much is the basics of the game like the table and the pucks. One of the worst things that can happen with your air hockey table is to lose your air hockey pucks. No Pucks no game, so if you would like to find out more about air hockey pucks like what they are made from, what sizes and shapes there are, and places to purchase new ones just keep reading. If you're someone who has lost their air hockey pucks don't worry after reading this you will be playing in no time.


Air Hockey Puck Colors and Material


To begin lets start with the making of air hockey pucks. The pucks are made from a special type2 Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Pucks (1 Round, 1 Triangle, 2 Octagon) of plastic called Lexan polycarbonate resin. Lexan is used in many applications but is used in the production of pucks because of its scratch resistance, toughness and it doesn't hurt that it can be produced in about any color you would want. The official sanctioning body of air hockey the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) approves pucks that are yellow and red Lexan and Dynamo green.


Types of Pucks


Pucks can be purchased in to categories standard and commercial grade. The standard pucks are the ones you would normally see on less expensive home model tables. They come in two sizes 2 1/2 inch and 3 1/4 inch and come in a variety of different weights ranging from 6 to 20 grams. To someone who has never played air hockey it might come as a surprise that air hockey pucks even come in different shapes the most common being round of course, octagon, and triangle, each shape helping to make the game different and more challenging. Besides different shapes, sizes and colors air hockey pucks come with different appearances like reflective prism and even fluorescent for use with a black light.

Commercial grade pucks are the same sizes and shapes as the standards but are much heavier, ranging all the way to 40 grams. Commercial grade air hockey tables are normally bigger and overall more heavy duty making the heavier pucks necessary.


Places to Purchase Air Hockey Pucks


Pucks can be purchased in many places online and in retail stores. Any retail store that sells the tables will normally sell replacement pucks. Places like Walmart, Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sears, and might get lucking and even find some at the bigger discount stores like Big Lots and the Dollar store. There are tons of places online but for a big selection of standard air hockey pucks you can't go wrong with Amazon. Another really good place is, they have a giant selection of just about any thing to do with air hockey.

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